Interviews & Lectures



Carlo Strenger frequently lectures and gives interviews  in four languages (English, German, French, Hebrew) in Europe and the US.



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Speaking Topics

  • Kann der Westen die Freiheit verteidigen? Das Eigentor der politischen Korrektheit
  • The Fear of Insignificance and the Global Celebrity Culture
  • Searching for Meaning in the Twenty-first Century
  • The Global Creative Class: Trends, Challenges and Discontent
  • Psychotherapy in the Twenty-first Century: Challenges and Prospects
  • Israel between Democracy and Theocracy
  • Israel: A complex country in crisis
  • The Psychodynamics of the Middle Eastern Conflict
  • Rethinking Midlife: from Crisis to Transition



Links to Interviews and Presentations

Interview avec Arte, Janvier 2016 sur mon live Mépris Civilisé


Politische Korrektheit, die Fehler der israelischen Linken, und die Destruktiven Rechten. Videoblog mit Richard Schneider, ARD


Israel, High-Tech Power or Theocracy? Why Israel is Difficult to Understand (even for Israelis). Munk School of Global Affairs, Toronto


Interview about Homo Globalis and World Citizenship, TVO February 2014


Speaking on World Citizenship at TEDX Jaffa


Interview about the French Translation of The Fear of Insignificance in Le Nouvel Observateur


Carlo Strenger on the Fear of Insignificance on French TV program Bibliothèque Medicis, September 2013


Video: Carlo Strenger and Robert Wright on the Future of Zionism


Video: Carlo Strenger and Robert Wright on Homo globalis’ existential Angst


“The Rabbi and the Professor” Carlo Strenger argues with national Religious Rabbi Uri Sherki (TV Programs In Hebrew)


How to Deal with the Fear of Insignificance, (Channel 10 Israel, in Hebrew)


Carlo Strenger on Just-Do-It Culture and its DiscontentsVideo In German


Carlo Strenger on Identity and Globalization, Video In Hebrew

Interview about Celebrity Culture and Fear of Insignificance, Tendencias 21, In Spanish


Why Anti-Zionism is a Collective Neurosis. Panorama Italy, September 10 2010 (in Italian)


Carlo Strenger on navigating the Midlife Crisis: Effective Executive, India