Carlo Strenger by Hemi Raphael February 14 2015


Carlo Strenger, Curriculum Vitae


Current Academic Position: Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, Tel Aviv University: Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas; School of Psychological Sciences


Affiliations and Functions:

Terrorism Panel, World Federation of Scientists

Seminar for Existential Psychoanalysis (Daseinsanalytisches Seminar) Zurich

Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna, Scientific Board

Center for Terrorism Studies, John Jay College, CUNY, Senior Research Fellow

Consulting Editor, International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Research


Selected Books:

C. Strenger, (2017), Abenteuer Freiheit: Ein Wegweiser für unsichere ZeitenBerlin: Suhrkamp

C. Strenger (2016) Freud’s Legacy in the Global Era. Relational Psychoanalysis Book Series (Peer Reviewed) London: Routledge.

C. Strenger (2015), Zivilisierte Verachtung: Anleitung zur Verteidigung unserer FreiheitBerlin: Suhrkamp.

French Translation, Le Mépris Civilisé. Paris: Belfond. January 2016

Danish Translation, Civiliseret foragtKopenhagen: Gylendal, January 2016.

C. Strenger  (2011) Israel: Einführung in ein schwieriges Land Berlin: Jüdischer Verlag bei Suhrkamp.

C. Strenger (2011), The Fear of Insignificance: Searching for Meaning in the Twenty-first Century. New York: Palgrave-Mcmillan.

Hebrew Translation, Tel Aviv: Kinneret-Zmorah-Bitan. (March 2010)

Italian Translation, Rome: ETAS. (September 2011)

Portuguese Translation, Lisbon: Grupo Leya (April 2012)

Korean Translation, Seoul, Mi Sun Kwon. (May 2012)

French Translation, Paris: La Peur de l’insignifiance nous rend fousEditions Belfont. (2013)

German Translations, Gießen: Psychosozialverlag (2016)

C. Strenger 2004, The Designed Self. London: Routledge.

C. Strenger (2002), The Quest for Voice in Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Madison, CT: International Universities Press.

C. Strenger (1998), Individuality, the Impossible Project. Madison, CT: International Universities Press 1998. Paperback Edition: New York: Other Press, 2002

C. Strenger (1991), Between Hermeneutics and Science: An Essay on the Epistemology of Psychoanalysis. Madison, CT: International Universities Press.


Selected Papers

C. Strenger, The New Cosmopolitans: Challenges and DiscontentsPsychoanalytic Psychology, pages 264-280. May 2013

C. Strenger, Psychoanalysis, Science and Human NaturePsychoanalytic Dialogues, pages 197-210. April 2013

C. Strenger, Knowledge-Nation Israel: A New Unifying Vision. Azure. Shalem Publications. Winter 2010, 35-57

C. Strenger, After the Age of Omnipotence: Towards an Interdisciplinary Leadership Philosophy. Effective Executive. Hyderabad: ICFAI University Press. July 2009 Issue, 58-63.

C. Strenger, Sosein: Active Self-Acceptance in Midlife, Journal of Humanistic Psychology., Vol. 49, No. 1, 46-65

C. Strenger and A. Ruttenberg, The existential necessity of midlife change. Harvard Business Review. February 2008, pp 82-90.

C. Strenger, Freud’s Forgotten Evolutionary Program. Psychoanalytic Psychology Volume 23(2) May 2006, pp. 420-429

C. Strenger and J. Burak, The Leonardo Effect. Why Entrepreneurs need to become their Own Fathers International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies. July 2005

C. Strenger, Of Potholes and Bends: A Meditation on Psychoanalysis and Motorcycle Riding. Psychoanalytic Psychology, Vol 21, No 4,2004, 638-644.

C. Strenger, Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews in Israel: The Reflection of Historical and Social Reality in Therapeutic Process. International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies. November 2004.

C. Strenger, Nobrow: Identity Formation in a Fatherless Generation. 2004 Psychoanalytic Psychology, Vol. 21, No. 4,2004 499–515

C. Strenger, The Bobo’s Dilemma. Psychotherapeutic Reflections on a Contemporary Myth. American Journal of Psychotherapy. Vol 57, 2003, 252-269

C. Strenger, The Self as Perpetual Experiment: Psychodynamic Comments on Some Aspects of Contemporary Urban Culture. Psychoanalytic Psychology, Vol. 30, no 3,2003, 425-440.

C. Strenger, The Classic and the Romantic Vision in Psychoanalysis. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol. 70, 1989 (pp 593-610).




Courses Taught:

After God’s Death: The Quest for Meaning in the 20th Century

Is the West Declining?

Existential Psychotherapy

Relational Psychoanalysis

Historical and Intellectual Foundations of the Social Sciences

Ethics in Clinical Psychology

Psychodynamics of the Middle Eastern Conflict

Education / Training:

1978-1981: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, B.A.

1982-1985: Hebrew University Jerusalem: MA Clinical Psychology.

1984-1988: Hadassah Hospital; Student Counseling Services HUJ, Intern, Clinical Psychology.

1985-1989: Hebrew University Jerusalem, Ph.D., Philosophy / Psychology


Positions, Academic, Professional, Clinical:

1981-1983: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tutor

1983-1985: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Teaching Assistant

1985-1989: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Junior Lecturer.

1988-present: Private Practice.  Existential Psychoanalysis; Consulting

1990-1996: Israel Management Center: Scientific Director, Leadership Development Seminars

1993: Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles. Member.

1990-1999: Tel Aviv University: Adjunct Professor

1999-204: Tel Aviv University: Senior Lecturer

2004:  Tel Aviv University: Associate Professor

2004 ff: World Federation of Scientists. Member of the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Terrorism.

2005 ff: Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Psychology, Chair, Clinical Graduate Program.

Institute for Existential Psychoanalysis, Zurich, Member.

2010: Sigmund Freud Foundation. Member of Scientific Board.

2014: Full Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, Tel Aviv University




The Complexity of Israeli Politics. Kennedy School, Harvard University

Washington School of Psychiatry: The Search for Meaning in the 21st Century


Aspen Institute Rome: The Roots of the Danger to the Liberal Order

Christian Wolff Vorlesung, Marburg University: The Populist Attack on Enlightenment Values and Europe’s Crisis


Dresden Ringvorlesung: Rede über die Verteidigung unserer Freiheit

Oxford, Center for Conflict Resolution, The Culture War in Israel


Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, Israel, A Complex Society

Warsaw, Center for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Invited Keynote Speaker

Oxford University, Center for Conflict Resolution Inaugural Conference, Israel – between High-Tech Power and Theocracy


Center of Terrorism Studies, City University of New York, Invited Lecture

Zurich, Gesellschaft für Hermeneutische Psychologie, Invited Lecture


UN Alliance of Civilisations Summer School, Coimbra. ‘The Fear of Insignificance”

Annual Conference APA Division 39: Invited Keynote Speaker, ‘The Global Creative Class: Challenges and Discontent’

ISPA University, Lisbon, Invited Lecture “The Fear of Insignificance”

Berlin, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Symposium on Israel, Einführung in ein schwieriges Land by Carlo Strenger


Dept of Psychiatry, Basel University: The Culture of ‘Just-do-it’ and its Discontents

German Psychoanalytic Association: Intersubjectivity


Annual Winter Meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Society: Psychological Challenges to Israeli Society of Israel-Palestine Peace

Dept. of Psychiatry, Stanford University: Active Self-Acceptance in Midlife

Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna: The Culture of ‘Just-do-it’ and its Discontents


Annual conference APA Division 39, San Antonio, Texas: Identity and Trauma in the Global Age

Conference of the Israel Psychotherapy Association: Sosein: Psychotherapy in the Shadow of Death

Conference of the Israel Union of Psychologists: Identity and Globalization


Psychoanalytic Institute Zurich, Conference on The Designed Self


Annual Conference of American Psychoanalytic Association, NYC: The Psychology of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Division 39 of the APA, Toronto: The Psychology of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

World Federation of Scientists, Erice, Monitoring Panel on Terrorism


Annual Conference of American Psychoanalytic Association, NYC: The dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

World Federation of Scientists, Erice, Monitoring Panel on Terrorism

Annual Self Psychology Conference, Chicago: Self-Cohesion in a Global Society


Annual Conference of the American Psychoanalytic Association: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on the Israeli-Paelestinian Conflict.

World Federation of Scientists Monitoring Panel on Terrorism

William Alanson White Institute: The Difficult Patient of Our Times

Prejudice Conference Salt Lake City: Prejudice in Israeli Politics


Annual Conference of the American Psychoanalytic Association: The Scientific Status of Psychoanalysis.

Panel: The Social Face of Shame and Humiliation.


Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis: The Structure of Individuality and Psychoanalytic Mentoring.

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society: The Self as Perpetual Experiment