Visual Cognition Lab

Former Lab Members

PhD Students


2020 Maayan Avneon The role of conscious perception in high-level processing
2019 Alon Zivony Dissociating between attentional shifting and attentional engagement: a “Camera” metaphor of spatial attention
2019 Liana Amunts Effects of implicit memory on attentional selection of emotional stimuli: an “emotional priming of popout” study
2016 Tomer Carmel The object updating cost: a novel behavioral measure of object representation
2016 Ziv Peremen Deconstructing visual consciousness
2013 Amit Yashar The mechanisms underlying inter-trial repetition effects in visual search
2012 Tahl Frenkel Psychophysics of fear perception in anxiety
2011 Shlomit Glickman Anxiety and attentional biases for facial expressions  in children: a behavioral and ERP study
2011 Liad Mudrik Processing visual context violations: the roles of attention and awareness
2010 Roy Salomon The self in the mind: the self in perception and the brain
2009 Moti Salti The neural correlates of conscious perception – an ERP study
2009 Lital Ruderman Subjective and objective awareness threshold in anxiety

MA Students


2020 Elinor Hadas, Maskit Nahmias
2019 Roi Keidar, Carmel Bublil, Maya Darnell, Michal Lazarovich
2018 Shani Buchbinder, Coral Gabbay, Itay Linzen, Tomer Sahar
2017 Mohammed Asali, Alina Aven
2016 Shlomit Okon, Vered Machlouf, Eyal Ophir, Neta Shani, Inbar Abramovitch
2015 Shani Walzer, Dorit Sagir, Roy Ben Dor, Rinat Hilo
2014 Limor Alon, Roy Ben Dor Cohen  
2013 Rinat Hilo, Alon Zivony             
2012 Ayelet Katz
2010 Amir Harash, Yaron Blumstein      
2009 Hava Ehrlich, Itzik Peretz, Iddo Gotthold          
2008 Loren Zoaris, Charlie Antebi        
2007 Neta Aviani, Anat Kosover          
2006 Motti Benita, Amit Yashar, Lital Ruderman      
2005 Liad Mudrik, Lee Pergamin        
2004 Shlomo Magril, Shlomit Glickman



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