Visual Cognition Lab


Daniel Toledano

My main research focus is on the relationship between the history of attentional selection and our current visual attention state. I investigate whether and how selection history influences attention. My research involves conducting behavioral and eye-tracking experiments.


Aniruddha Ramgir

My current research is on the mechanisms that underlie our ability to avoid getting distracted by salient stimuli in visual search tasks. For example, is it possible to avoid looking at the distracting advertisement while reading on a website? If yes, how and when do we do it? I try to answer these questions by using behavioral data such as reaction times and eye movements, and neural data such as event-related potentials (ERP/EEG). During my Masters, I investigated whether implicit probability cueing of locations influences attentional capture by masked stimuli. 



The School of Psychology Sciences and The Sagol School of Neuroscience

Tel Aviv University

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Tel Aviv Israel


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