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My major professional activity in the last 15 years has been the development of principles and methods for furthering parental and teacher authority in legitimate and acceptable ways in the context of a more democratic society.  These ideas have been mostly presented in my books “Non-violent resistance: A new approach to violent and self-destructive children” and “The new authority: family school and community” (see “Publications”).  A number of organizations are devoted to the implementation and diffusion of this approach, among them: The New Authority Center (www.newauthority.org.il) and  The International Society for Non-Violent-Resistance Psychology (www.nvrpsy.com). My research focuses on: parental-training for the parents of violent and self-destructive children and adolescents, parental-training for the parents of children and adolescents with anxiety disorders, helping the parents of grown-up children who display a pattern of “entitled dependence”, development of school and community centered interventions for the prevention of youth violence and self-risk behaviors.  In the course of the last two-years, I have developed a second career in supporting and writing texts for the artistic activity of my son, Noam Omer (www.noamomer.co.il).