The School of Psychological Sciences

Who am I?

According to Jean Paul Sartre (one of my favourite writers and philosophers), we have no fixed essences; rather we continuously shape ourselves through our actions. Thus we are what we do. That’s fair, so I will say here few words about the things that I did so far, focusing on my research. I believe, though, that Sartre’s view of what we are is somewhat limited. We are more than what we do, and what we do is often luck dependent. One aspect of what we are, for example, is what moves us, so I will also say few things about this in these pages, as well as of my views on some wider issues like religion and politics (please handle with care…)

Early days

PhD time and Tel-Aviv of the late 80s

Postdocs: Caltech, CMU

Research and life in the UK

In 2008, I returned to Tel-Aviv University as a Prof. of Psychology. In our lab, we focus on various aspects of decision-making: i) characterizing the mechanism of evidence integration and termination; ii) bridging from evidence to value-based decisions, iii)decision-making under non-stationary evidence, iv) decision under spatial uncertainty (Visual search); v) decision-confidence, v) intuition in decision-making. Here a link to our TAU lab, where you can see more details about this research and the people who actually do it.

Sabbatical (Oxford, 2013): In 2013 I am on Sabbatical at the University of Oxford (in the lab of Chris Summerfield), as a Visiting Professor (Leverhulme Visiting Professorship and Keeley Fellow at the Wadham College). Here are a few family pictures from Oxford, last summer (can click to enlarge):