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What moves me

I believe that the things that move us reflect what we are at a deeper level. While understanding the nature of our reality, by using the analytic tools of science and philosophy, is my main active focus, I believe that there are other dimensions, which are more deeply connected with our human experience, and which require different tools. Literature, music and art are, but a few examples of alternative explorations of this deeper layer. While these fields are not (so far) my ways of creative expression, I do find that they fill an important emotional need and provide a motivating force. Here I resonate with the words of the Argentinian writer Ernesto Sabato, who after an early career in science (the land of light and logic) has shifted his passion to fiction (the land of passion and darkness), saying: “I claim the merit of abandoning that clear city of the towers–where security and order reign–in search of a continent full of dangers, where conjecture dominates.” (Man and Mechanism).  Art and music are also ways of explorations that can move us deeply and penetrate layers that are hardly open to verbal access. Bertolt Brecht has expressed this as follows: “Art is not a mirror, it is a hammer”.

Here are few images from my more internal landscape: my music, literature, art, “spirituality” and football   (Thanks to You Tube and Wikipedia for the links).

My Literature (press here to see more)

My films  (Ingmar Bergman; Felini; Tarkovsky; Monty-Pyton; Brazil; Being John Malcovitch; Barbarella)

My TV-series (Lexx; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel; Babylon-5; Fringe; Carnival; DaVinci Demons; The Big Bang Theory; Fraser)

My Music (press here to see more)

My art.  The picture on the website is from Max Ernst (one of my favourite surrealist painters). His paintings (like Sabato’s and Murakami’s writing) evoke the dark and mystery in which the light of reason has not yet penetrated. Other favorite painters are the early surrealist Georgio Chirico (whose paintings evoke the quality of frozen-time), the abstract painter Vasilly Kandinsky, and the Jewish sureal-magical painter Marc Chagall.

Meaning and Spirituality (press here to see more)

Football (international, not American) is the sport I like the most. I am a fan of the Arsenal football club. Here is a link to their website where you can also see highlights of recent matches (registration is free).