Nimrod Rosler


select list of thesis students and their research

• 2020- Inbal Ben-Ezer 
Title: The Information Process Model – Evaluating the themes of security and victimization with Dr, Boaz Hameiri

• 2019- Ofir Provizor 
Title: Paradoxical thinking vs. delegitimizing the Arab society in Israel with Prof. Eran Halperin, IDC

• 2019- Moni Rokach 
Title: Changing perceptions of the rival in intractable conflicts following new information

• 2019- Dalia Christof 
Title: Readiness to change attitudes in intractable conflicts following awareness to its costs: The role of personal values

• 2019- Sigal Azarya
Title: Tamir Future threat to major social values, and its effect on conflict-related attitudes

• 2019- Sharon Shavit-Kaftori 
Title: The human cost in intractable conflicts and its effect on conflict attitudes

• 2019- Leah Kaneti
Title: The cost of lives lost: Can we learn from other conflicts?

• 2019- Orit Piterman 
Title: Perceptions of personal bereavement among religious-Zionists and their effect on conflict-related attitudes

• 2016-2020 Tomris Şanel 
Title: Conflict-Generated Diasporas and Peacemaking: The Case of the Palestinian Diaspora in Germany