Policy Papers

Palestinian Workers in the Israeli labor Market,” Research & Economics Authority; Industry & Trade Ministry, 2010.

Arab Women in the Labour Market: Empirical Implications and Policy Orientation,The Galilee Society (GS), 2011.

Poverty among Palestinian Women in Israel,”: The Galilee Society (GS), 2011.

Social Justice in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel,, Parliament Articles. Volume 71, Apr 2012.

Educational-Occupational Mismatch as a Generator of Income Inequality in Israel, Israeli Democracy Institute, May 2015. (with Amit Lazaros ).

“Evaluative review of the Statebuilding Grant and the Palestinian Governance Facility – DFID Palestinian programme“, Overseas Development Institute, Nov 2015. (with Bryn Welham, Heidi Tavakoli, and Edward Hedger).

Crime Dimensions on the Arab Society between the year 1990 and 2010“, Israeli Democracy Institute,  May 2015. (with Noam Zussman and Yonatan Woodbridge).

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