Working Papers

Public-Private Wage Differential in West Bank and Gaza: An Analysis of Israeli – Palestinian Conflict,”.

The labour market impact of mobility restrictions: Evidence from the West Bank,” (with Massimiliano Calì).

Should I trade or should I go (to war)? Lessons from the Second Intifada,” (with Massimiliano Calì ).

Do Israeli settlements radicalize Palestinians?,(with Massimiliano Calì).

Learning the hard way: The effect of violent conflict on student academic achievement,” (With Tilman Brauk and Michele Di Maio).

Educational-Occupational Mismatch as a Generator of Income Inequality in Israel,” (With Amit Lazarus).


Work In Progress

Employment and conflict in Palestine,” (with Massimiliano Calì and Belal Fallah).

On the openness and closeness of educational opportunities of Israeli Palestinian and Jewish young women ,” (with Nabil Khattab, Vered Kraus and Yoval Yonay ).

Arab Women in the Israeli Labor Market: Socio-demographic factors versus public policy related factors,”

“Do Muslim women face penalties in the UK labour market?,” (with Nabil Khattab and Ron Johnson).

Sami H. Miaari
Tel-Aviv University, Department of Labor Studies; Ramat Aviv
Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel.

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