The School of Psychological Sciences
Thalma E. Lobel


Thalma Lobel is a professor of Psychology at the school of psychological sciences at Tel Aviv University, where she is the director of the child development Center. She was the Chair of the Psychology Department, a member of the executive board, and the Dean of students of Tel Aviv University. She has also been a visiting professor at Harvard and a visiting scholar at Tufts, the University of California San Diego, and New York University.

Her new book is titled Sensation: The New Science of Physical Intelligence, and will be released by Atria Books/Simon and Schuster on April 29 2014.

“Thalma’s research is among the most innovative in psychology. Her lively, thoughtful book will reframe our view of how our minds work and how we become who we are.” – Dan Ariely, New York Times bestselling author of Predictably Irrational

“Sensation is a delightful collection of the most interesting ideas, experiments, and anecdotes from the world of psychology today. A terrific read if you’re interested in why some people fall in love, some fall afoul of the law, and others fall prey to clever marketing ploys.”- Adam Alter, New York Times bestselling author of Drunk Tank Pink