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Thalma E. Lobel



“Thalma’s research is among the most innovative in psychology. Her lively, thoughtful book will reframe our view of how our minds work and how we become who we are.”
(Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational)

“We think we’re so cool and rational, but the hot new study of physical intelligence shows that we are deeply affected by physical stimuli; red type makes us fail tests, for instance, while red jerseys make sports teams win. Internationally renowned psychologist Lobel explains how we can better evaluate the impact of sights, smells, and sounds.”
(Library Journal)

“Sensation is a delightful collection of the most interesting ideas, experiments, and anecdotes from the world of psychology today. A terrific read if you’re interested in why some people fall in love, some fall afoul of the law, and others fall prey to clever marketing ploys.”
(Adam Alter, author of Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces That Shape How We Think, F)

“Thalma Lobel … has written an intriguing, sometimes funny, sometimes rather alarming overview of just how much we are influenced by what our senses tell us.”
(Sunday Times (UK))

“Professor Lobel draws on rigorous science and makes it accessible, interesting, and actionable. By raising our awareness of the influence the external environment has on us, this wonderful book can help us live more fully, more sensually.”
(Tal Ben-Shahar, author of Happier)

“Sensation is Sensational! Chock full of jaw-dropping studies, fascinating insights, and practical applications that will make you reexamine everything you do. Every page feels like a peek into the hidden workings of the human mind!”
(Guy Winch Ph.D., author of Emotional First Aid and The Squeaky Whe)

“Lobel collects a wide range of fascinating studies, and her book is filled with factoids and findings that surprise and delight”
(Publisher’s Weekly)

“An intriguing look at how our sensory perceptions affect our language and ability to understand abstract concepts but can also sway judgment. Shelve alongside Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Ariely and others in the pop-psych realm.”

“The book chronicles some of the quirky contributions of embodied cognition research and provides a nice reminder that the relation between mind and body is complex”
(Scientific American MIND Reviews: