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Thalma E. Lobel

Other’s Writing about the book

Other’s Writing about the book

Business Insider—Drake Baer interviewed Thalma for an article on 4/15. Ran 4/17

Metro —Gandhi Lakshmi wrote “Need an idea for a first date? Here’s why you should head to a bakery”  (published september 17, 2014)

Reader’s Digest —Senses Working Overtime (published April 2014) 

Tel Aviv University American Friends wrote about the book: “Making Sense of Our Senses;  TAU resercher’s new book reveals how sensory interactions with the world influences decisions and behavior”

No More Boring Mmeetings published “How the Hidden Science of Sensation will Enhance your Next Meeting”

Nicola Trwst  wrote a blog  “Creativity Times Two”

Haaretz Sfarim (books)  wrote “It’s amazing, and embarrassing, to discover what influences our decisions”

English version       Hebrew version

Yediot Ha’haronot – Mammon (hebrew)   wrote “Tea, sympathy and we’ve got a deal”

• Hebrew version

Psychologie Magazine – rzekerder worden?  Rek jezelf flink uit’ – an intreview with Thalma Lobel

Source: Psychologie Magazine, October 2014, Published with permission, See