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Udi Sommer
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Tel Aviv University, Naftali 529
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL


Aliza Forman Rabinovici – Politics, Law & Society

Aliza’s dissertation research focuses on comparative politics, gender and public policy.

Research Focus: Aliza’s research focuses on the influence of gender on representation and public policy and administration in a comparative perspective, using quantitative methodology. Her doctorate explores determinants of abortion policy in a comparative perspective.

Bio: Aliza Forman-Rabinovici is a PhD candidate in the Tel Aviv University Department of Political Science. She has published in top peer-reviewed journals and her co-authored book Producing Reproductive Rights was published by Cambridge University Press in 2019. Original data from her dissertation was accepted into the Quality of Government Database in 2019.

Aliza has been the recipient of research grants and scholarships including the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fellowship Fund Junior Fellow program, Tali Gordon Prize for Academic Excellence, Mirella Haggiag Research Grant and the Heseg Foundation scholarship. Aliza has served as the academic advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology as well as a policy researcher and advisor for major political parties and figures in Israel.

Aliza will be joining the ERC “Structural vs. individual aspects of gender inequality” project in mid-2020 as a post-doctoral fellow.


Peer-reviewed articles

  • Forman-Rabinovici, A. Gender Mainstreaming as a Universal Tool for Constitution Writing. Social Politics (publication pending).
  • Forman-Rabinovici, A., & Sommer, U. (2019). Can the descriptive-substantive link survive beyond democracy? The policy impact of women representatives. Democratization, 1-21. (IF 1.85, Q2).
  • Forman‐Rabinovici, A., & Sommer, U. (2018). Reproductive Health Policy‐Makers: Comparing the Influences of International and Domestic Institutions on Abortion Policy. Public Administration96(1), 185-199‏ (IF 2.959, Q1).
  • Forman-Rabinovici, A., and Sommer, U. (2018). An Impediment to Gender Equality?: Religion’s Influence on Development and Reproductive Policy. World Development, 105, 48-58 (IF 2.848, Q1).



  • Sommer, U. and Forman-Rabinovici, A. (2019). Producing Reproductive Rights: Determining Abortion Policy Worldwide. Cambridge University Press.


Articles under review

  • Forman- Rabinovici, A., and Nir, L. Impacting the Trend: Electoral Gender Quotas, Women’s Employment and Women’s Political Representation.


Published original data


  • Forman-Rabinovici, A., and Sommer, U. The Comparative Abortion Index Project. Published in the Quality of Government Database, University of Gothenburg.


Manuscripts in preparation


  • Forman-Rabinovici, A. Bringing Norms of Gendered Innovation into Political Science Methodology.
  • Bauer, A. and Forman-Rabinovici, A. State Mandated Gender Equality Quotas in Academia: Implications, Forms and Effects.