Udi Sommer

Udi Sommer
Associate Professor of Political Science


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Tel Aviv University, Naftali 529
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL


Lior Yoffe

Lior’s work focuses on perceptions of legitimacy concerning security-privacy compromises in the cyber era

Main research interests: 

Judgement and decision making, perception and cognitive bias, relations between science, technology and security, cyber security, intelligence analysis.

Short bio:

Lior Yoffe is a Ph.D. candidate in Tel Aviv University focusing on security-privacy compromises and cyber security. Prior to that, He holds a B.Sc. in physics and mathematics (Hebrew University) and a M.A (cum-laude) in Security Studies (Tel Aviv University). Lior’s previous work had been published in various journals such as Journal of Cyber policy, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs and others.