Udi Sommer

Udi Sommer
Senior Lecturer (American Associate Professor)

Department of Political Science

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Tel Aviv University, Naftali 529
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL


כתבה בג’רוזלם פוסט

An Israeli father in New York

Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem-born Udi Sommer researches the experience of being an immigrant parent.

Home But Away
By Udi Sommer | 215 pages | NIS 88

Psychologist Udi Sommer recalls the day his daughter, not yet six, drew a distinction between their identities, announcing that her father was Israeli and she was American.

They were walking near Central Park on their way to school, and Sommer remarked that she was lucky to live near a park that people from around the world came to see. “Because I’m a New Yorker and you’re an Israeli,” she said.

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