Shlomit Yuval Greenberg's lab of visual congitive neuroscience

Welcome to our lab!

“The eyes task is only to discern where light and shadows fall. Whether the light’s the same or not, or the shadow that was here is one at the same with the shadow that’s now passing over there – nothing can determine save the reason of the mind. Eyes can’t graps the true nature of things. So do not claim the fault’s with them, when really it’s the mind that is to blame” (Lucretius, 99-55 BC, The Nature of Things)
Research in our lab focuses on cognitive neuroscience of the visual system in humans. Specifically we are interested in the interaction between eye movements and visual perception. The tools we use include eye tracking, behavioral experiments, EEG and fMRI.  We use these methods to study visual perception, awareness and attention, and the relation between these cognitive functions and the oculomotor system of eye movements.
Research highlights:
♣ Microsaccades and visual attention
♣ Understanding the method of Continuous Flash Suppression  (CFS)
♣ Eye movements in reading
♣ Driving and eye movements in teenagers with ADHD
♣ Remapping processes