ELIEZER BEN-RAFAEL, CV – Curriculum vitae

Tel-Aviv University, Sociology Department

Tel-Aviv 69978, Naftali Building 629, Tel: +972 3 640 8824

Home: Hadror 11, Ramat-Hasharon 47203, Tel: 972-3-5406297; Fax:- 972-3-5402291

saba@tauex.tau.ac.il; elibenrafael@gmail.com

Date of birth: 1938

Place of birth: Belgium

Year of Immigration to Israel: 1956; Married, 2 children; Grand-father of 5


Professor Emeritus, Sociology and Anthropology, Tel-Aviv University

Prize Landau for Life Achievement in Sociology (2009)



B.A. Studies in Sociology & Political Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


M.A. Studies in Sociology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Thesis: A Comparative Analysis of Student Dissent: U.S.A.,Germany,France; supervision of Prof. Moshe Lissak.


Ph.D. Studies in Sociology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Ph.D. in 1974)

Dissertation: Social Aspects of Guerilla War; supervision of Prof. Moshe Lissak

Academic Experience

2015 Permanent Fellow of the Moses Mendelssohn Zentrum Potsdam

2014 (Spring-summer) Mercator Visiting professor, at Humbold University

2011 (Spring-summer) Visiting professor, Humbold University and MMZ (Potsdam University)

Lecturing about “Jewish identities” and “Israeli society”

2011 (March-April)

In charge of the ULB Chair of Jewish Identities

Since 1.4.2006

Professor Emeritus


Zelman and Zima Weinberg Chair in Political Sociology

Since 1.1.1992

Professor of Sociology, Tel-Aviv University, Dept. of Sociology

1987-1990: President of the Israeli Association of Sociology


Associate Professor, Tel-Aviv University, Dept. of Sociology


Head, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel-Aviv University


Director of the Institute for Social Research,Department of Sociology and Anthropology,Tel-Aviv University


Senior Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University, Dept. of Sociology, Senior Guest Lecturer (part-time), The Ben-Gurion University, Dept. of Behavioural Sciences


Lecturer, Dept. of Sociology & Social Anthropology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Research fellow, Dept. of Sociology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

Guest lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Boston

Professional activities


Editor, Linguistic Language, An International Journal (John Benjamins)


Advisor and Member of Editorial Committee of the World Association of Global Diaspora Studies (WADIS)

Reviewer for the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Conseil scientifique international de Socio


Member of the ASSJ


Member of the Editorial Board of Social Issues in Israel (sugiot hevratiot be-israel)


Member of the Editorial Board of Language and Society in Israel


Member of the Review of book editorial board of International Sociology


Member of the International Academic Advisory Board of Sociological Papers


Member of the Council of the Cooperation Union, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment


Head, Commission for Renewal Processes and Conflict Management, Council of the Cooperation Union

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Beit Berl College


Head, Committee of accreditation of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Academic College of Ashkelon, Council for Higher Education

2007, May

Directeur d’Etudes associe, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris


International Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied Social Science


Scientific Council of Kesher, J-nal of Media and Comm. History in Israel and the Jewish World


Visiting Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Institut Martin Buber


Member of the Advisory Board of Israel Studies in Language and Society


Past-President, International Institute of Sociology


Member of the Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel


Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of The International Scope Review


Vice-editor, International Review of Sociology


Member of the Academic Committee, Beit Berl College


Head of the Israel Prize Committee in Sociology (appointed by the Minister of Education and Culture)


Member of the Academic Committee of the Open University


Chair, The Public Committee for the Kibbutz (appointed by the Israeli Government)


General Editor of the Jewish Identities in a Changing World series, at Brill Academic Publishers

Member of the International Board of “Sociological Papers”


Member, Committee for publications, Ben-Gurion Research Center in Sde Boker


Co-founder and co-director of the Klal-Israel Project


President, International Institute of Sociology


Chair of the Israeli Association for the Study of Language and Society


Collaborator, Année Francophone Internationale


Vice-President, The International Institute of Sociology


Organizer/ Chair, 34th World Congress of Intern-al Institute of Sociology – TA 7.11-15.99

1997- 1998

Organizing committee, Tel-Aviv Conference: 50 years of Statehood, 01. 25-27, TAU University

1993- 2001

Chair of the Scientific Board of the Israel Studies Series, published by Transaction 1993-1997

President, Israel Society of Sociology


Professeur Invité: Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot, Jussieu


Member of the Editorial Board of Ethnic and Racial Studies


Head of the PhD students’ Committee, Faculty of the Social Sciences, TAU


Member of the Council of the Research Authority, Tel-Aviv University

Member of the Board of the RC 05 on Ethnic, Race and Minority Relations – ISA


Chairperson of the Joint Steering Committee of the Netherlands-Israel Research Programme

Directeur d’Etude Associe, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris


Member – Joint Steering Committee of the Netherlands-Israel Research Programme

Chair, Tel Aviv Committee of the Peretz Naftali Award in Social Sciences

Coeditor of the Israeli Social Sciences Research


Chair, the Board of Israel Studies (published by Transaction, NJ, USA)


Head of the Higher Committee for the Social Sciences, Ministry of Education

1993 (July)

Invited by the China Academy of Social Sciences, in Beijing and Shanghai


Member of the Academic Advisory Board of Sociological Papers

1992 (Summer)

Invited Scholar, Rich Seminar, Oxford Hebrew Center for Postgraduate Education


Consultant to the International Peace Research Association/ Commission for in the Middle-East


International Research Team: Images of Europe, Association for the Club of Rome

Head of the Yad Tabenkin Research Project: The Kibbutz at the Turn of the Century


Visiting Scholar, The Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies


Visiting Professor, Stanford University, Department of Sociology

Directeur d’Etude Associé, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales


Executive Committee of the Israel Society of Sociology

1975 +

Board member of the Centre Inter-Universitaire d’Etudes sur Israel

Board member of Connaissance d’Israel, Belgium



Order of Arts and Letters of France


Landau Prize for Life Achievement in Sociology


Fellow of the International Biographical Association

Entries in:

.Afro-Asian Who’s Who, vol.1

.Asia/Pacific Who’s Who, 2006, vol. VI: 514

.International Leaders in Achievements 1997: 31

.Five Thousand Personalities of the World 1996: 34

.International Biographical Association Directory 1996/1997, 1996, page 20

.The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, Fifth Edition, 1994, page 33

International Authors and Writers: Who’s Who, 14th Edition 1995-1996, page 43

.International Who’s Who of Intellectuals, 11th Edition 1995-1996, page 29

.Contemporary Authors vol.141, 1994, page 35


Israeli Society of Sociology

International Association of Sociology

International Institute of Sociology

Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry

Association for Jewish Studies


Authored books

  1. E. Ben-Rafael and M. Ben-Rafael (2018) Multiple Globalizations: Linguistic Landscapes in World-Cities, Leyden and Boston: Brill
  2. E. Ben-Rafael (2014) Confronting Allosemitism in Europe: The Case of Belgian Jews, Boston, Leiden: Brill
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Jewish identities: The answers of the Sages of Israel to Ben-Gurion, Sde Boker: Merkaz le-moreshet ben-gurion and the Ben-Gurion University Press (2001) (Heb.)

Qu’est-ce qu’être Juif, suivi de Cinquante Intellectuels répondent à Ben-Gurion, Paris : Balland (2001)

Cosa significa essere ebreo? 50 saggi rispondono a Ben Gurion (1958) Associazione di Cultura Hebraica: www.proedi.it (2014)

— Chi è ebreo? Cinquanta «saggi» rispondono. Editore: Meghnagi S., Roma: Bonanno & Hans Jonas (2014)

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Crisis and Tranformation: The Kibbutz at Century’s End, NY: State of New York University Press (1997)

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Edited Volumes

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Active Participation in Scientific Meetings

Givat Haviva, Israel, 14-15 September 2018

Chair: The kibbutz after far-reaching changes.

London, 2-5 September 2018. 7th Annual Conference of the EAIS

Organizer: The metamorphosis of the Kibbutz

Vienna, 18-22 February 2018. An End to Antisemitism!

Plenary: Sociological aspects of antisemitism

Organizer of two sessions

Jerusalem 27.12.17. The Russian Revolution and the Zionist Revolution, Kennan Institute, HUJ

Discussion session: Utopian ideology, social justice and Israel in the modern world

Jerusalem 24.10.17 Alumim

Israël : Une panoplie de discordes

Wroclaw 10-12.9.17. European Association for Israel Studies

Organizer of and participant: Round-table about Convergences and Divergences of Israeli identities

Jerusalem 6.8.17-10.8.15 Congress of the World Union of Jewish Studies

Organizer of the session: Major Debates about Israel: A Multi-Dimensional Intellectual Confrontation

Paper: A landscape of Divergences

Vienna March 10-11 2017, Fundamental Rights Agency

Preparing Antisemitism Research Project

Linguistic Landscape 8, Liverpool (26-29 April, 2016)

Presentation, with Miriam Ben-Rafael: A sociology of the 9th Art: Mural Bandes Dessinées in Brussels.

INALCO, Paris (26-27.1.2016): The Legacy of S.N. Eisenstadt

Presentation: Multiple Modernities and Beyond.

Midrshat Ruppin (1.6.2015) Canada-Israel Bilateral Forum

Chair: French immigration in Israel https://youtu.be/spySyU8SvAo

Presentation: Israel’s multiculturalism https://youtu.be/qLdj-TfrpsI

Berkeley (7-9.5.2015) Linguistic Landscape 7, Conference

With Miriam Ben-Rafael: The Memorial of Schöneberg: A Jewish Switzerland annihilated by the Nazis

Munster (22-28.6.2014) 9th World Congress of the German Frankoromanistenkongress

With Miriam Ben-Rafael: Un paysage linguistique et deux francophonies

Yokohama (13-19-7-2014): ISA Congress

Chair and organizer of a session: Transnationalism

Paper: SNE Eisenstadt and beyond

Paris (5-7.6 20140): colloque GTRC : “Les métropoles francophones en temps de globalisation “.

Avec Miriam: Les franbréophonies israéliennes

Jerusalem CNRJ 22-1-2014 Seminar

With Miriam: Sociology and sociolinguistics of the Israeli Francophonies

Rome, Hans Jonas Center for Jewish Culture, 8.12.13

Opening study day: Il Sentimento e la Regola

The relevance of Hachamey Yisrael’s letters to Ben-Gurion

Brussels, ULB, Institut Buber, 6.10.2013

A study day: Antisemitism in Belgium

Belgian Jews confront antisemitism

Jerusalem HUJ 27-30.7.2013

16th World Congress of Jewish Studies

Israel-Diaspora relations transformed

Tel-Aviv University 30-7-13

IALS yearly conference

Chair, opening session

The importance of LL studies

Mikweh Yisrael, 9-5-2013

Lycée franco-israélien, Journée de l’Europe

Multiculturalisme à l’israélienne et la place de la francophonie

Tel-Aviv, Klal Yisrael January 7-9 2013

Tfutsot and moleded

Chicago, AJSS December 7-9 2012

French in Israel

Paris: Centre communautaire et Cnrs end June 2012

Jews from Algeria in Israel

Berlin, The Free University: Mid-June 2012

Sociolinguistic symposium

With Miriam: Berlin’s LL

Ramat-Gan, Bar-Ilan 5-6.3.2012

L’enseignement des langues étrangères dans une société multiculturelle

Chair: Economie linguistique

Addis Abeba, Linguistic Landscape 4, 22-24.2.2012

When language becomes superfluous (with Miriam)

Delhi, International Institute of Sociology 18-20.2.2012

Convener of special session: Sociology after Eisenstadt

Eisenstadt and Social change

Tel-Aviv, Gallery Gerstein 16.2.11

Architecture in the Kibbutz

The challenges of the renewed kibbutz

Tel-Aviv, TAU, December 15, 2011,

Linguistic landscape with Nira

Where language is superfluous

Berlin 1-4.12, Brunsweig University

Conference: Edgar Salin and the Israel Project

Architecture and social change: The case of the Kibbutz

Harvard University, Cambridge 11-14 Nov. 2011

Diaspora Conference

Russian speaking Jews in Germany

Waltham, Mass

Brandeis University,13-15.6.11 IAS conference

Organizer of double session “Israel-Diaspora”

Presentation: The transformations of a transnational diaspora

Chair: Kibbutz development

Achva college 22.5.11, IALS Conference

Opening paper: The linguistic landscape as encounter of language and society

Jerusalem, 28.2.2011, Van Leer Institute and the Liwerant Center

Pertinencia y Alteridad

Presentation : European Jewry in comparative perspective

Tel-Aviv, 23.2.2011, The Center for Jewish European Studies

Identity Dilemmas : European Jews in the 21st Century

Presentation : At the turn of the 21st Century

Toulouse, France: 25-29.10.10, University of Toulouse

Judaïsme au Pluriel, Un paradigme

Emek Yizreel 30-6-10, ICSA world conference

Organizer and chair Closing Plenary: The relevance of the communal idea to today society

Berlin 31-5-10 Zentral der Juden in Deutschland

Presentation of Jews and Jewish Education in today Germany

Jerusalem 4.5.10Yahadut Zmanenu conference

The future of the Jewish Past” Discussant “Social sciences and the case of the Jews”

Herlya, 17.12.09, Merkaz Universitay:” Israel Lithuania Conference”

Presentation: National identities and nationalism in the 21st Century

Gorizia, 8-9-09, IGIG “The Berlin Wall and the Other Walls”

Presentation: The Israeli-Palestinian Wall

Yerovan, 10-15.6.09, IIS 39th Congress “Sociology at a Crossroad”

Plenary speaker: Divergence and Convergence of Contemporary Jewries.

Beit Berl June 2-3 2009-06-02, “National Identity in Israel”

Paper: Nationalism and religion: The Jewish case

Berlin 10-13.5.2009, Klal Yisrael and MMZ Conference: “European Jewry – A new Jewish centre in the making?” Organizer, and Paper: A comparative perspective: Israel, the US and Europe

Tel-Aviv, 22.3.2009, Journée de la Francophonie

Restitution de la recherche 2009

Siena, 14-17.1.2009, International Workshop of Linguistic Landscape

Organizer, chair and paperWith Miriam Ben-Rafael:The linguistic-landscape dimension of dual homeness

Washington 20-23. 12.08, Jewish identities today, IJS

Transformations of a transnational diaspora

Bruxelles – 22-25.9.08, Judaisme entre Theologies de la substitution et de la falsification

Remarques d’introduction

Ramat Gan, 15-7-08, Ials launching of “Israel Studies of Language and Society”

With Miriam: Linguistic landscape and transnational diaspora

Tel-Aviv, 3-7-08, Beit Hatfutsot-Beit Berl

The Shoa and Israel’s political culture

Budapest, 26-30.6, 38th World Congress of the IIS

Chair and Organizer: Monotheisms and fundamentalisms in Contemporary Societies

Tel-Aviv 19.5.2008, Les intellectuels français et Israël

Israël vu de France

Jerusalem 12-15.5.2008, President’s Conference

Toward the future, discussion groups

Amsterdam, 2-6.4.2008, 17th International Symposium of Sociolinguistic

with Miriam Ben-Rafael: Linguistic landscape, transnationalism and “returning diasporas: Sarcelles-Natanya

Tel-Aviv University 20.3.2008 Journée Internationale de la Francophonie :

“Une nouvelle francophonie en Israël”

Paris, Fondation pour l’Innovation Politique, 14.3.08: Israel and France compared,

De pluralism à multiculturalisme

Tel-Aviv, Cymbalista Center 28-29.2.08: Ashkenazim

Ashkenazim as a sociological riddle

Jerusalem 27-29.2.08 International Conference: Latin American Jewry

European Jewry

TA 20-22.1.08 International Workshop on Linguistic Landscape

A sociological approach to LL; with Miriam, “The divided heart of Europe”

TA 6.1.08 Kibbutz movement celebration

The Kibbutz in Society’s mirror

24 CV-PUBLICATIONS-Eliezer Ben-Rafael 24

Beit Berl, 31.12.07 Faculty seminar

A paradigm of Jewish identities

Tel-Aviv University, Cymbalista Center and Social Sciences Transnational Diasporas in Comparative Perspective

Organizer of the International Workshop, 4-6.9.07

Presentation: Collective Identities, Multiculturalism and Transnational Diasporas

The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI), Jerusalem , 10-12.7.7The future of the Jewish People

Presentation: Collective Identities and Transnational Diasporas: Opening Remarks

Open University, Raanana, 12-13.6.07: 23rd AIS Conference: Israel as an Immigrant Society

Presentations of Is Israel One? And Building a Diaspora

Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, 12.6.07 In Homage to Menahem Friedman

Ultra-Orthodoxy as modernity

Jerusalem, 10-11.6.07 Hollberg Symposium: Collective Identities, States and Globalization

Collective identities, multiculturalism and transnational diaspora

Moscow, 15-17.4.07Klal Yisrael: Jewry between Ethnicity and Nationalism

The Russian Speaking Jewish Diaspora

Jerusalem, Van Leer 22-23.3.07 Russian Jews in Israel and Germany

Russian Jews on three continents

Tel-Aviv University, 20-21.3.07

Colloque international : Judaïsme et francophonie

Sociologie de la francophonie israélienne

Jerusalem, Yad Ben-Zvi, 27.2.07 Evening in Honor of Moshe Lissak

Israel as a modern society

New York, 15.2.07

Presentation of Making a Diaspora, Jewish Organizations

Tel-Aviv, 5-7 Feb 07: Elites in In Israel (Uri)Chair: Israel and Modernity, in homage to Moshe Lissak

Paper: From social pluralism to pluralism of elites

Limerick, Ireland, 6-8.07.0616th International Sociolinguistic Symposium

Paper: Sociological-theoretical perspectives on Linguistic Landscape

Raanana 4th May 06,5th Annual Conference of IALS, Language in a Changing World

Panel: Screen agers: where to?

Tel-Aviv, 16-18.5.06, Colloque Sorbonne/Tel-Aviv: Penser les frontières culturelles à l’ère de la mondialisation

Paper : Les frontières culturelles et la démocratie

Guivat Haviva, 8-10.5.06, International Panel: Changes in communes and kibbutzim

Changes in the Kibbutz

European Union – Brussels May 26, 06, Diversity Within Unity Meeting, Participant

Tel-Aviv University, 14-16.2.06, The two large immigrations

The two alyot: the dimension of collective identity

Tel-Aviv and Beer Sheva Universities, 24-26 January 2006, A conference in homage to Yossef Gorny

Paper: Israeli and Diaspora Jewishness; Chair: Concluding session

Jerusalem 23-24 November 2005, International workshop at the Centre de Recherche francais de Jerusalem

Paper: Israeli democracy and social cleavages

Stockholm, 5-9 July 2005, 37th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology

Plenary papers: The Contemporary Context of Sociology, Plenary Organizer and Chair: Sociology and Ideology

Tel-Hay, 16-17 February, 2005, Israel Sociological Association Conference

with Menahem Topel: The confrontation over kibbutz identity

Jerusalem, 21-22 September 2004, Language in an Era of Globalization: The Place of Hebrew

Opening paper: The new horizons of Hebrew

San Sebastian, 8-11 September 2004–10–02, Eurosla Yearly International Conference

Paper: Linguistic landscape in Israel

Beijing, 7-11.7.04, 36th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology

Plenary paper: Social Change and Globalization, Session paper: Israel’s Linguistic Landscape

Beit Berl, 13.6.04, IALS 3rd Annual Conference: Language, nationalism and pluralism, Organizer of the Conference

Paper: Linguistic Landscape in Israel

Tel-Aviv, 2-4.5.04, Tel-Aviv University, International Conference: Habituses, Languages and Translation

Paper: Sociological Parameters of Bilingualism

Jerusalem, 2-4.11.03, Israel Academy and the IIS: Comparing Modern Civilizations: Pluralism versus Homogeneity

Organizer of the Conference

Paper: Religion and nationalism: the Jewish-Israeli Case

Brussels, 13-15.10.03, The Martin Buber Center for Judaism – Universite Libre de Bruxelles, 2nd Klal Yisrael International Symposium , Organizer of the Conference

Paper: Israeli Jewishness in Comparative Perspective

Jerusalem, 15.6.3, IALS 2d annual conference, Organizer of the Conference

Plenary round table: Language and conflict in Israeli society

Potsdam Moses Mendelsohnn Zentrum, 12.6.3, Russian Jews in Germany

Paper: Russian Jews in Israel

Ramat-Gan, 29.5.3, Kibbutz Conference of Researchers

Plenary paper: The Kibbutz in today Israeli Society

Brisbane, July 2002, World Congress of the International Sociological Association

Organizer and speaker: Sociology and Ideology

Tel-Aviv, 20-21.1.2, 1st International Conference of Klal Israel: What is Jewishness in our Generation?Co-organizer

Paper: Convergence and Divergence of Jewish Identities

Jerusalem, 6-10.1.2, 6th International Conference of Jewish Ministers and Members of Parliament

Lecture in Knesset: Cultural pluralism in Israel

Krakow, 11-17 August, 01, 35th IIS World Congress: The Moral Fabric in Socieities

Convenor of Plenary: Terrorism, Genocide and Violence

Haifa, 3-4 April, 01, Language and Society in Israel, at the beginning of the 21th Century

Globalization, Ethnicity and Nationalism: The ground of multi-lingualism in Israel

Tel-Aviv, 18.3.01, Elections 2001

Chair of Public Erev Yiun

Hyderabad (India), 3-7.1.2001, Wold Congress of the Alumni Assoc. of the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, World Languages in Multilingual Contexts

English as a Non-Foreign Language: The Case of Israel

Jerusalem, the Zalman Shazar Center, 26-28.12.00, A Jewish Identity Conference

Jewish identities in Israel as bases of multiculturalism

Alliance Israélite Universelle, Paris, 15-19.11.00, The Jewish Future

Multiculturalisme et Identités en Israël

Moscow, 6-12.9.00, An Israeli-Russian Conference: Israeli pluralism

Israel’s social divisions

Rio de Janeiro, 31.7-5.8.00, 10th World Congress of the International Rural Sociology Association

Dilemmas of Utopian Experiments in Comparative Perspective

Rabin Center, Tel-Aviv, 27.6.2000, Colloquium : Old-timers and Immigrants : Cross-cultural tensions

Opening lecture: The linguistic dimension of identity

Ben-Gurion Univ, Sde Boker, 19-21.6.2000, The Zionist Century: The Ongoing Polemics

Multi-culturalism and Zionism

Univ. of Tel-Aviv 6.6.2000, Kur Itukh: A new look, Discussant

Askalon College, 1.6.2000, The Israeli society: Metling pot versus pluralism

Concluding presentation

Ramat Gan, 23-25 January, 2000, Second International Symposioum on Language Policy, Language Policy At The Millennium

Opening session: The Transformation of Diaspora: The Linguistic Dimension

Bruxelles, Nov. 8, 99, Cid & Bnaï Brit au Parlement Européen

Préjugés et immigration

Bruxelles, Nov. 7.99, Cid & Cbg: Racisme et Exclusion

Préjugés et divisions sociales

Tel-Aviv, July 11-15, 1999, 34th World Congress of the Institutional Institute of Sociology

Israel: an ethnic state?

Tel-Aviv 2.6.99, Weinberg Commemoration ConferenceElections Conference at the TAU

Multiculturalism and the Israeli elections

Bar-Ilan, 18.5.99, Annual Conference of the Department of the Land of Israel Studies

The kibbutz crisis

Haifa, 17-18.3.1999 Multiculturalism and Democracy in Divided Societies

Discussant: Multiculturalism in Israel

Paris, 17-20.11.98, Howard Gilman Colloquium Diasporas

Paper: Diasporism: The Linguistic Dimension

Bruxelles 25-26.10.98, Colloque CERIS (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Papers: Le multiculturalisme en Israël;  Israël face au multiculturalisme

14-16 July 1998–08–08, The kibbutz beyond utopia


Montreal, 26.7-1.8.98, 14th World Congress of the International Association of Sociology

Paper: Multiculturalism in Postmodernity; Chair (RC 05) : Identity, language and social division

Bruxelles 22 et 23 Juin 1998–06–28: Colloque ‘Cinquante ans d’Israël’ Cercle Ben-Gurion

Modérateur : Table Ronde

Regensburg, …: Symposium, Univerisity of Regensburg, Faculty of Psychology and Education:

The transformation of collective education in the kibbutz – the End of utopia as social reality

March 18, 1998, Tel-Aviv University Multilinguisme et langue française en Israël

Table ronde Contexte social et educatif de l’enseignement du français en Israël

March 16-18, 1998, Haifa, International Sociolinguistics Conference

Opening session – plenary paper: Social aspects of pluriculturalism and plurilingualism

January 25-27, 1998, Tel-Aviv Univeristy, Medinat Alya Umedinat mehagrim – 50 Years of Statehood

Papers: Multiculturalism in Israel; Ethnicity and politics in Israel

November 2-5, 1997, Basel, The Howard Gilman International Colloquium: Quo Vadis Zionismé

Paper: Convergence and divergence of Israeli and Diaspora Jewish identities

September 17-20, 1997, Paris, Forum International des Sciences

Paper: Multiculturalism In Comparative Perspective

July 29 – August 5, 1997, Jerusalem, 12th World Congress of Jewish Studies

Paper: Models of Jewish identity; Organizer and Chair of a session The Jewish identity and the Peace process

June 20-21, 1997, Bogazici University (Istanboul), Southern Europe Regional Meeting of the International Sociological Association: Tradition and Modernity

Paper: Sociological parameters of multiculturalism

June 2-4, 1997, Bar-Ilan University, International Workshop: Elites, Minorities and Economic Growth

Discussant to Peter Mathias: How do minoirities become elites

April 15-16, 1997, Oranim, The 5th Conference of kibbutz researchers

Plenary symposium: Different kibbutzim and different directions

March 20-22, 1997, Amsterdam, ISA workshop: Multicultural communication among Sociologists

March 18-19, 1997, Bar-Ilan University, International Workshop: Jewish Survival – The Identification Problem at the End of the 20th Century

Paper: Who is a Jew: Convergences and Divergences of Hahamey Israel

December 18-19, 1996, Tel-Aviv University, Conference: Israeli Society

Paper: Shapira’s A Society Prisonner of Politiciens

December 5, 1996, Université d’Amiens, Amiens, Colloque: Identités et Multiculturalisme

Paper: Identités Juives en Israël

November 26-7, 1996, Paris, Ecole Nationale d’Administration

Services Publics comparés en Europe: Exception française, exigence européenne

Paper: Service Public: L’Expérience israélienne

May 30th-June 2d, 1995, 5th Congress of the International Communal Studies Association

Communalism, Contribution and Survival

Plenary Session keynote speaker: A non-total revolution: The kibbutz at the turn of the Century

Juin 5-8,1996, University of Melbourne, Multiculturalism: Living in Diversity, European Centre for Social Welfare, Policy and Research, Paper: The Israeli experience in multiculturalism

May 26-27, 1996, Tel-Aviv Univeristy, A France-Israel Colloquium, Préjugés: Dans la littérature et dans la Société

Paper: Préjugés: et identité: Aspects sociologiques

June 30-July 6, 1995, Trieste, XXXII Congress of the International Institute of Sociology

Paper: The postmodernization of the Kibbutz

October 30-31, 1996, Ramat-Gan, Bar-Ilan University, Colloque International en Souvenir d’Annie Kriegel, Culture, Politique et Societe dans la France actuelle: Idees, Forces et Enjeux

Paper: France-Israel: Integration versus Pluralisme Culture

March 20-23, 1995Jerusalem, European Centre for Social Welfare, Policy and Research Cultural Pluralism in Societies of Immigration

Opening paper: The sociological dimensions of cultural pluralism

July 18-23, 1994, Bielefeld, Germany, 13th World Congress of Sociology, Organizer: Israel-Palestine Session

Paper: Religion and Nation: The Future of Israeli-Palestinian Relations

June 29-30, 1994, Jerusalem, Immigation, Language Acquisition and Patterns of Social Integration

Plenary Paper: Language and Cultural Pluralism in a Society of Immigrants

Session Paper, with Elite Oshtayn:The sociolinguistic Integration of Russian Jews in Israel

June 12-13, 1994, Haifa, Trilingual Conference The British Council & the Univesity of Haifa

Plenary Panel Session: From Ideal to Reality: Bulding Educational Policy for a Multicultural Society

March 1994, Levinski College, Tel-Aviv, Chelkat Lashon

National Seminar Opening: Hebrew in a Multi-linguistic Society

June 6-10 1993, Jerusalem, International ConferenceEducation for Democracy in a Multicultural Society

Chair and Discussant: Democracy in a Multicultural Society: Educational Implications

April 1993, Guivat Haviva/Haifa UniversityISA, RC Labor Relations, New Trends in Organization: Participation, De-Alienation and Performance

Paper: Management versus Cooperation: Values, Status, Aspirations to Changes in kibbutzim

April 1992, Reading, UKSociolinguistics Symposium 9

Paper: English as Global Culture and Social Division

October 1991, Tel-Aviv, International Seminar: Identity Renewal: Studies in East European Jewish Life Histories

Paper: A paradigm of Jewish identities

August 1991, Kobe, JapanWorld Congress of the International Institute of Sociolgy

Paper: The Sociological Challenge of the Transformation of Socialism

July 1991, Elizabethtown, PA, 2d Conference of the International Communal Studies Association

Paper: The Transformation of the Kibbutz

May 1991, Novosibirsk, Russia, Conference of the Association of the Club of Rome, The Global Crisis

Paper: The Crisis of a System

July 1990, Madrid, The 13th World Sociological Congress

Paper: The Enhancement of a Community, Head of section [Ethnicity]

April 1990, London, Sociolinguistics Symposium 8, Roehampton,

February 1989, Haifa, The Israeli Sociological Association Annual Convention.

Paper: Stealing a language: the case of French in Israel

November 1988, Paris, INALCO, CNRS: Colloque International Judaisme, Sciences et Techniques,

Paper: La societe israelienne face aux sciences et aux techniques

November 1988,Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-NeuveSysteme politique israeilien et society

Paper: Politique et societe en Israel

July 1988, New Lanmark, International Communal Studies Association, Utopian Thought and Communal Experience

Paper: Cultural Tensions and Social Transformation of the Kibbutz

April 1988, Haifa, Research Committee about Social Stratification (ISA)

Paper: The Kibbutz as Modern Stratification

May 1985, Yad Tabenkin, International Conference: Kibbutz and Community – Past and Future

Paper: The dynamics of inequality in the kibbutz

with E.Yaar: The kibbutz in society

October 1982, Canada Program of the Canada-Israel Foundation for Academic Exchange (McGill, Sheerbroke, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and Laval Universities)

Papers: Ethnicity in Israel; The sociology of the Jewish-Arab Conflict

June 1980, Ben-Gurion University International Conference: Ethnicity in Israel

Paper: A selective Melting Pot

December 1976, HUJ: International Conference in Honor of the Bicentennial of American Independence

Paper: Assimilation in the Israeli society

Sept 21-14., 1976, Royal University of Ghent, Conference Cooperation as an Instrument for Rural Development

Paper: Regional inter-kibbutzim cooperation

June 1973, Jerusalem Annual Conference, the Israel Sociological Society

Paper with Chaim Adler: The Israeli youth and the lack of dissent

May 13-18 1973: University of Haifa Rural Communities – Inter-Cooperation and Development

Paper: Stratification in an egalitarian setting