The School of Psychological Sciences


Lectures in academic conferences:

Are there male brains and female brains? And why do we care?, In: Women in the World: Time for a New Paradigm for Peace Conference, 2019

Beyond sex differences and a male-female continuum: Mosaic brains in a multidimensional space, In: Sex Differences, Dimorphisms, Divergences: Impact on Brain and Behavior in Health and Disease, Erice, 2019

 Sex, Brain and Psychopathology, In: Basic and Translational Neuroscience Research Symposium on Sex Differences, Stanford, 2013

Sex, Gender and Brain. A Problem of Conceptualization, In: Neurogendering II, Vienna, 2012


Popular lectures:

Does biological sex exist? Daphna Joel, Stuart Ritchie, Barry Barnes, The Institute of Art and Ideas, 2019

Male and Female Brains? The Institute of Art and Ideas, 2019

The Agenda with Steve Paikin, A panel with Margaret McCarthy and Jordan Peterson on sex, gender, and brain, 2015

WSDM- SeXX and SeXY: A Dialogue on the Question of the Female Brain and the Male Brain with Louann Brizendine, author of “The Female Brain” and “The Male Brain”, In: Stanford, 2014

TEDxJaffa (2012) Are brains male or female?