I am a professor of Sociology at Tel-Aviv University and past Dean of the Faculty of Social Science. In the past I served as the director of the B.I. Cohen Institute for Survey Research at Tel Aviv University and the head of the graduate program on Migration Studies. I also served as the Israeli coordinator for the European Social Survey (ESS) and initiated Israel’s participation in the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP). Currently I serve as Head of the Social Science Division of the Israel Science Foundation (ISF).

I received the PhD from the University of Chicago in 1982 and have been at Tel Aviv University ever since. My areas of interest include social inequality, ethnic stratification, and migration. My research has extensively addressed the relationship between economic structures and the socioeconomic position of the Arab minority in Israel. I also study the social and economic correlates of international migration and the consequences for aging migrants in particular. Other research interests include the role of the family in creating and mitigating socioeconomic inequalities (e.g., household division of labor, intergenerational social and financial assistance). I have extensive experience in international consortia for data collection (ISSP and ESS) and international collaborative research projects.