Psychological effects of media

On average, Israelis spend four hours watching TV and almost one-fifth of their day online. What are the implications of this behavior? The course will deal with the psychological effects of media consumption on us, the media consumers. We will discuss questions such as: How does the media affect the way we think? Make  decisions?

Public opinon and the media

What is ‘public opinion’ and what is the role of the media in shaping it?  The expression ‘public opinion’ has become a common phrase in the political and media discourse, and will be re-examined in this course. The course will explore the classic approach to the studying of public opinion, and make its way to the more contemporary works

Political networks

Popular enthusiasm for the “Facebook age” makes it is easy to forget that social networks had been present long before any social network site ever existed. Indeed, they have been a topic of investigation among social science scholars for many years