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Prof. Shlomit Yuval-Greenberg


  Dr. Yuval-Greenberg received her Ph.D. in Psychology from The Hebrew University in 2009. Her dissertation, under the guidance of Prof. Leon Deouell, focused on ocular artifacts and gamma-band activity in EEG. She then completed her postdoctoral training with Prof. David Heeger in in NYU, focusing on visual fMRI and eye movements. Yuval-Greenberg joined the School of Psychological Sciences as a faculty member in 2013.

Dr. Yuval-Greenberg’s research focuses on cognitive neuroscience of the visual system in humans. Using psychophysics, EEG and fMRI, she is interested in studying visual perception processes. In particular visual awareness, visual attention, object recognition and the relation between eye movements and perception



Phd students


Noam Tal-Perry

Currently my main area of research involves the study of temporal attention and expectation, using both behavioral and electrophysiological methods, but also using a novel oculomotor measure related to the inhibition of the eye prior to expected events.

Keren Taub

In my research, I’m using eye tracker to test the influence of irrelevant textual stimulation on the reaction time of target-directed saccades. My goal is to find whether reading direction could influence the performance of saccades, and to understand the attentional and directional effects of text on the preparation of motor schemes for saccades.

Dekel Ables

My main focus is on the relationship between spatial attention and eye movements, utilizing electroencephalography and eye-tracking to investigate the temporal dynamics of visual processing of both perceived and imaginary objects.




Yarden Dankner

In my PhD I study how to implement Implementing pupillometry analysis techniques in sustained attention assessments in both the auditory and visual modality, to track lapses of attention and to promote attentive learning.




MA students

Ariella chapoia

Orit Shdeeor

My study focuses the learning of regularities. Specifically, i am interested in how we learn temporal regularities and if it would generalize to other regularities or environments.

Danielle Allon

My main area of research are attention oscillations and what controls it, specifically whether it’s self-initiated or externally driven.


Lab Alumni


Rinat Hilo

y study focuses on the interplay between eye movements and visual attention. Specifically, I’m interested in remapping processes and the  trans-saccadic integration of visual information.

Roy Amit

My main research interest is reading and eye movements. I’m trying to understand the intricate eye-movement – attention – processing relation in natural reading. I’m interested in a wide variety of topics from low level visual processes underpinning eye movement control done in reading up until linguistic factors, processing and understanding of the text

Anat Keren

I study the correlation between eye movements, attention shifting and driving simulator performances among adolescents with ADHD.

Shira Klorfeld


Guy Danieli





Shir Gofer

Research Assistant

Ariel Perets

Lab Manager & Research Assistant

Keren Nistor

Research Assistant


Omer Salomon