Current Project Members

hadas mendel

Prinicipal Investigator

Amit Lazarus

Project Manager

Aliza Forman-Rabinovici

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Assaf Rotman

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dana Yofe

Administrative Manager and Research Assistant

Project Alumni

Hadas Mandel

I am a professor at Tel Aviv University and the Principal Investigator of the ERC-funded (Horizon 2020) ‘Struct.vs.Individ’ project. My published work focuses on the intersection between gender, class, race, and social policies, and the complex and seemingly paradoxical implications of welfare state policies on women’s economic attainments. These works have been published in the American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Demography, Social Forces, European Sociological Review, the British Journal of Sociology and others.

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