Our Team

Shira Dvir Gvirsman

My research and teaching interests include psychological media effects; media selection and media use, with focus on selective exposure; public opinion, and political behavior; social networks; quantitative research methodology and statistics. In my work I combine surveys, experiments, and web-tracking tools, in a quest for an answer to the question are people rational?

In particular, my publications include journal articles on biases in perceptions of public opinion; psychological biases that engender extreme views; what factors drive news selection online; how homophily and media use influence polarization, intolerance, and participation; and how media shape political attitudes among children and affect their well-being. My work has appeared in  Public Opinion Quarterly, Communication Research, Political Psychology, New Media & Society, and others. I teach courses focusing on research methods and statistics, on media effects and public opinion

Limor Ziv

Limor Ziv is a PhD student of Communication at Tel-Aviv University.

Her research focuses on Political Communication, specifically her current research deals with The construction of political identity and possible implications for polarization or centering processes of political positions.

Ziv Teaches different media & communication courses at Tel-Aviv University, among other Academic institutions. Also Ziv Works within the Computer-Human-Interaction Laboratory and at the Internet Research Institute at Tel Aviv University.
You can read more at: limorziv.com



Keren Tzuriel

I’m lucky enough for being a journalist since 1998, experiencing journalism struggle, adapt, morph and come to terms with online and social media (and surviving to tell it all). For the past six years I’ve been a magazine journalist at Calcalist, and at the same time graduated with honors from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. My thesis explored how confrontational and non-confrontational expression on social media effect political participation – whether offline, online or on social networks, and the role of efficacy in the process. Now as a PhD candidate at Tel Aviv University, I’m interested in political psychology, social media, political and civic engagement.

Gal Ravia

Gal Ravia is an MA student at the Department of Communication at Tel-Aviv University. An alumnus of the Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Program, she is interested in the intersection between collective memory, visual images and new media. Her Master’s thesis examines photographs uploaded to social network sites by Israeli teenagers from their visits to Poland in commemoration of the Holocaust.

Shir Hadar

 B.A. student of Political Science and Communications at Tel-Aviv University.


Daniel Altman

Daniel Altman is a B.A. student of Political Science and Communications at Tel-Aviv University.

Hagar Afriat-Aviv

Hagar Afriat-Aviv is a PhD candidate in Tel-Aviv University, interested in the intersection between cultural aspects of media and Israeli social and cultural identities. While Hagar’s PhD focuses on Tombstones as communication and cemeteries in Israel, her research interests span diverse topics such as Celebrity status in Israel and engagement in social media. Previously, Hagar founded and was the head of UGC research department in Ifat Media Ltd.

Heli Cogan

 B.A. student of Political Science and Communications at Tel-Aviv University.


Lidor Ivan

Lidor Ivan is an MA student in the Department of Communication at Tel-Aviv University. He is interested in visual communication relating to social media, selective exposure and Hermeneutics applications in visual social interactions relating to social media. His Master’s thesis examines the reception of cues in visual communication against the senders’ meaning in social interactions on Instagram.

Noa Hatzir

B.A. Student, Communication & Theatre Studies, Tel-Aviv University.