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Carlo Strenger is a sought-after political commentator and publicist on Israeli Politics and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He is a classical liberal, i.e. a defender of individual liberty who argues for high standard of public discourse, and he is a proponent of a just and sane solution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. He is a columnist for  Israel’s leading liberal newspaper Haaretz, a columnist for Neue Zürcher Zeitungand he occasionally writes for New York Times, Guardian, Foreign Policy and Huffington Post.


For speaking engagements contact strenger@post.tau.ac.il


Strenger’s psychohistorical study of Israel: Israel: Einführung in ein schwieriges Land (2011: Suhrkamp), has been described as “one of the most important books about Israel written in the last years” in Die Zeit. His treatise against political correctness Zivilisierte Verachtung: eine Anleitung zur Verteidigung unserer Freiheit has been favourably reviewed in many German language media, and the French translation Le Mépris Civilisé is published by Belfond on the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, January 7 2016 .




Selected Political Opeds, Blogs and Interviews

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It’s the Settlements, Stupid!

Open Letter to Hamas: You are Responsible for your People’s Fate, Haaretz, March 14 2012

Israel’s Secular Humanists should Declare themselves a Religious Minority, Haaretz, February 3rd 2012

Netanyahu’s Partners, Democracy’s Enemies, New York Times, September 16 2011

SAT 3 Interview on Israel’s Isolation and Palestinian UN Bid, September 13 2011 (in German)

September may Bring Death of Two-State Solution, and the Jewish State, Haaretz, September 8 2011 

Social Justice Instead of Nationalism, Haaretz August 28 2011

Israel’s Boycott Ban is Down to Siege Mentality. Guardian, June 12 2011

Israel is tearing Apart the Jewish People, Haaretz, 24.6.2011

Netanyahu’s Win is Israel’s Loss. Haaretz, May 25 2011

From the Slavery of Falsehood to the Freedom of Truth. Haaretz, April 18 2011

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Tel Aviv is Up There with Harvard, MIT and Princeton – for Now. Haaretz, March 18 2011

The Decline and Fall of Messianic Politics, Haaretz, March 4 2011

Israel’s Right have Eyes, but do not See, Ears, but do not Hear. Haaretz, January 10 2011

Why Anti-Zionism is a Collective Neurosis. Panorama Italy, September 10 2010 (in Italian)

Talking Cure Diplomacy. New York Times February 2010

The Silence of Israel’s Liberals. Guardian February 2010

Israel’s Just Fears of a Palestinian State. Guardian, December 2009

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The Self-Righteous Left’s Simplistic World. Guardian July 2009

How the Enlightenment taught us to laugh. Guardian May 2009

Dawkins is Wrong about Believers. Guardian, May 2009

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When Freedom goes up in Smoke. Haaretz November 2007

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Applying Lessons from Northern Ireland. Haaretz July 2007

Why Israel Does not Engage with the Saudi Peace Initiative. Haaretz June 2007