The Department of Sociology and Anthropology
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Media Interviews

Selected Clips

June 3rd 2016. Dan rabinowitz on Climate Change. Keynote, West Galilee Conference on the Environment. (80 minutes, Hebrew)

April 16th 2016. Dan Rabinowitz against proposal that anthropologists should boycott Israeli Universities. (3 minutes) 

October 29th 2015 6:30 pm. Dan Rabinowitz on extraordinary weather and Climate change. Israel Channel 1 News.


October 28th 2015 11:40 pm Dan Rabinowitz on extrordinary weather, Changing Climate. Israel Channel 2 Night News (In Hebrew, 5 minutes). 


August 13 2015 11:30 pm. Dan Rabinowitz on climate change. Israel Channel 2 Night news (in Hebrew, 4 minutes)


May 27th 2015 11 am Dan Rabinowitz on extreme heat and climate change. Israel Channel 2 News Now Talking about it magazine. 


May 27th 2015  11:30 pm. Dan Rabinowitz on Extreme temperatures and climate change. Israel Channel 2 News Night News. 


May 4 2015 11:45 pm : Rabinowitz on Nepal Earthquake and vulnerability of 3rd world cpountries to major disasters. Channel 2 night news (In Hebrew, 7 minutes). 


May 3 2015 6:30 pm: Dan Rabinowitz on Haifa Chemicals and Haifa’s mayor order to block access to the factory due to pollution. Channel 1 news (In Hebrew, 3 minutes)


May 3 2015 11:30 pm: Dan Rabinowitz on Haifa Chemicals – Decision by Haifa Mayor to block the emntrance to the factory due to Pollution. Channel 2 News. (in Hebrew, 4 minutes)


April 28th 2015: Dan Rabinowitz on Environemtnal Justice and Climate Change. TAU Etnahta (in Hebrew) 16 minutes


April 30th 2014  Dan rabinowitz and Guy Milman on Food consumption and CO2. Watch minutes 18-27) Israel Channle 2 News. (In Hebrew, 9 minutes)


November 18 2013  6:40 pm Dan Rabinowitz on the Warsaw Climate Conference. Channel 10 News, London and Kirshenbaum. (In Hebrew, 3 minutes)


June 6th 2013, Dan Rabinowitz and others on comic contents relating to the environment. Tel-Aviv university.  (In Hebrew, 5 minutes) 


May 21th 2013 Dan Rabinowitz and others on MA and Msc in Environemntal stdies, porter schjool, Tel-Aviv Univeristy. 4 minutes (Hebrew) 


December 23rd 2013: Dan Rabinowitz on Urbanity and Climate Change. Open University. (In Hebrew, 20 minutes)


November 13 2012  Dan Rabinowitz on the Environmental Implications of Zionism. Tel-Aviv University Conference. 28 minutes


July 12 2012: Dan Rabinowitz with 12 graders on Climate change. Israel’s Educational TV. 20 Minutes. (in Hebrew). 


2012: Dan Rabinowitz Lecture on Palestinian Refugees (44 minutes)


December 4th 2011: Dan Rabinowitz at Open University on Climate Change (in Hebrew, 28 minutes)


May 28th 2011: Dan Rabinowitz Winner of Pratt Prize for media contribution on environmental issues (In Hebrew  7 minutes)


August 31 2010. Dan Rabinowitz on the need to extend the state’s royalties from natural gas. Social TV. (4.5 minutes, in Hebrew) 


July 7th 2008  7:30 pm.  Dan Rabinowitz on Climate Change. Israel Channel 1 News (In Hebrew, 6 minutes)


November 10th 2006: /Dan Rabinowitz Interviewed by Prof.  Alan MacFarlane (Cambridge) on Israeli Anthropology  (16 minutes)