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Scientific Articles


In Refereed Journals:

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In Edited Collections:

  1. Rabinowitz, Dan (1994a) Religious Revival, Fundamentalism and Religious Radicalism amongst the Muslim Citizens of Israel. In Rabinowitz, D. (ed.) Voices in the Background. Tel-Aviv: Centre for Educational Technology: pp. 41-47 (In Hebrew)


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  1. Rabinowitz, Dan (2012) Identity, the State and Borderline Disorder. In: Donan, Hastings and Tom Wilson (eds.) The Blackwell Companion to Border Studies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.




Papers Presented at Scientific Meetings and Published in Proceedings :


  1. Rabinowitz, Dan (1999) Democracy and the Politics of Identity in Israel.  Van-Leer Occasional Papers on Social and Political Issues in Israel (in Hebrew). Pp. 74-81.


  1. Rabinowitz, Dan (2002) Borders as a Strainer: The New Urban Space of Tel-Aviv. In Efrat, Zvi (ed.) Borderlinedisorder: Catalog of the Israeli Pavilion, The 8th International Architecture Exhibition, Venezia. Jerusalem: Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport: pp. 36-39.


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  1. Rabinowitz, Dan (2005) Disentangling Nationalizing Projects and Sustainable Development: Can the Case of Israel and Palestine Provide a Model? In: Palestinian and Israeli environmental narratives. Proceedings of a conference held in association with the Middle East Environmental Futures Project, edited by Stuart Schoenfeld. York, Ontario: York Centre for International and Security Studies



  1. Other Publications:


  1. Rabinowitz, Dan and Ronen Shamir (2008) Who Got To Decide on Nadia Abu El-Haj’s. Tenure? Academe, Jan-Feb Issue.


  1. Rabinowitz, Dan (2015) A Progressive Response to BDS. Heinrich Bell Foundation, North America.


      Reviews and Encyclopedia entries: 

  1. Rabinowitz, Dan (1992) Review of Benyamin Kedar’s (1991) Looking Twice at the Land of Israel, Tel-Aviv: Ministry of Defence and Yad Ben Zvi. Haaretz Weekly Cultural Supplement.


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         Articles in semi-academic and popular periodicals:

          Since 1984: some 45 articles in Politika, Panim, Sevivot, Tzalool, Masa Aher, Teva Ve’aretz