Pre-Christmas lab-event with Yasmeen at Nazareth (Dec-17, 2022)






Marius presented: "Serial vs parallel models of Visual Search: model comparison to RT-distributions"

  • June 2015 - Information & Cognitive Science Symposium, Jeruslaem

Marius presented: "From Mutual Information and Bayesian decision models to Mental Representations (and Misrepresentation)"

  • 01/06/2015 - School of Psychology's annual event

Zohar and Noam gave a presentation and here are pictures from the poster session, where Gil and Moshe presented their latest work:







  • 24/11/2014 - Cognitive Psychology & Brain and Cognition Colloquium

Marius presented: "Intuitive averaging of perceptual properties and numerical values:  behavioral data and neural mechanism"