Department of Sociology and Anthropology



Advanced Quantitative Research Methods, M.A, Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

M.A. Thesis Workshop, Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

Research Seminar: Public Perceptions of Immigration and Immigrants, International M.A. Program in Migration Studies, School of Social and Policy Studies.

Fundamentals of Social Sciences Research, B.A.


Previous Years:

Fundamentals of Social Sciences Research and Academic Writing, B.A.

Introduction to Sociology, B.A.

Structure of Israeli Society, B.A.

Quantitative Research Methods, B.A.

Society and Immigration,  B.A.

Attitudes towards Out-group Populations,  B.A.

Research Seminar: Immigration and Discriminatory Attitudes, B.A.

Practicum: Inequality and Distributive Justice,  M.A.

Immigrants, Refugees and Host Societies (International M.A. Program in Crisis & Trauma, School of Social Work)