Department of Sociology and Anthropology



Advanced Quantitative Research Methods, M.A, Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

M.A. Thesis Workshop, Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

Fundamentals of Social Sciences Research, B.A.


Previous Years:

Fundamentals of Social Sciences Research and Academic Writing, B.A.

Introduction to Sociology, B.A.

Structure of Israeli Society, B.A.

Quantitative Research Methods, B.A.

Society and Immigration,  B.A.

Attitudes towards Out-group Populations,  B.A.

Research Seminar: Immigration and Discriminatory Attitudes, B.A.

Practicum: Inequality and Distributive Justice,  M.A.

Immigrants, Refugees and Host Societies (International M.A. Program in Crisis & Trauma, School of Social Work)
Research Seminar: Public Perceptions of Immigration and Immigrants, International M.A. Program in Migration Studies, School of Social and Policy Studies.