Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Professor Anastasia Gorodzeisky

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

School of Social  and Policy Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences 

Tel Aviv University,  Israel


Selected Recent Publications:

A.Gorodzeisky and I. Leykin. 2019. When Borders Migrate: Reconstructing the Category of ‘International Migrant’. Sociology.
         *Israeli Sociological Association Best Paper Award.

A.Gorodzeisky and A. Richards. 2019. Do Immigrants Trust Trade Unions? A Study of 18 European Countries.  British Journal of Industrial Relations.

A.Gorodzeisky and A. Glikman. 2018. Two Peoples – Two Stories: Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Post-Socialist Russia.  Social Problems, 65: 543-563.

A.Gorodzeisky and M. Semyonov. 2018. Competitive Threat and Temporal Change in Anti-Immigrant Sentiment: Insights from a Hierarchical Age-Period-Cohort Model. Social Science Research, 73: 31-44.

A.Gorodzeisky and M. Semyonov. 2017. Labor Force Participation, Unemployment and Occupational Attainment among Immigrants in West European Countries. PLoS ONE, 12(5):e0176856.


Research interests:

Cross-National Comparative Sociology

Global Migration and Immigrant Integration

Discriminatory Attitudes and Prejudice (with focus on out-group populations)

Research Methods