Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Professor Anastasia Gorodzeisky

Head, International M.A. Program in Migration Studies

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

School of Social  and Policy Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences 

Tel Aviv University,  Israel


Selected Recent Publications:

A.Gorodzeisky and I. Leykin. 2020. When Borders Migrate: Reconstructing the Category of ‘International Migrant’. Sociology.
         *Israeli Sociological Association Best Paper Award.

A.Gorodzeisky and A. Richards. 2020. Do Immigrants Trust Trade Unions? A Study of 18 European Countries.  British Journal of Industrial Relations.

A.Gorodzeisky and A. Glikman. 2018. Two Peoples – Two Stories: Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Post-Socialist Russia.  Social Problems, 65: 543-563.

A.Gorodzeisky and M. Semyonov. 2018. Competitive Threat and Temporal Change in Anti-Immigrant Sentiment: Insights from a Hierarchical Age-Period-Cohort Model. Social Science Research, 73: 31-44.

A.Gorodzeisky and M. Semyonov. 2017. Labor Force Participation, Unemployment and Occupational Attainment among Immigrants in West European Countries. PLoS ONE, 12(5):e0176856.


Research interests:

Global Migration and Immigrant Integration

Cross-National Comparative Sociology

Attitudes toward Immigrants and Immigration

Intergroup Relations