Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Main on-going research projects:

The Long Arm of Children’s Age at Migration: Educational and Labor Market Outcomes in Adulthood (with Yariv Feniger and Hana Ayalon)

Telling a Different Story: On Statistical Categories and Sociological Concepts in Studying Migration in Europe (with Inna Leykin)

Understanding Attitudes towards Immigrants: from Respondents’ Characteristics to Immigrants’ Attributes (with Rebeca Raijman and Moshe Semyonov)

Research grants:

2020-2024. Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Grant. Research Project: When Categories travel: The
Social Meanings of Migration-Related Measures (Principle Investigator, with I. Leykin).

2017-2020. Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Grant. Research Project: The Long Arm Children’s’
Age at Immigration: Educational and Labor Market Outcomes (Principle Investigator,
with Y. Feniger and H. Ayalon).

2016. The Yonatan Shapiro Foundation Scholar’s Fellowship, Research Project: Discriminatory Attitudes toward Out-groups among Majority Population, Ethnic Minority and Immigrants: A Comparative Perspective.

2012-2016. Marie Curie Career Integration Grant (CIG), Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2012-CIG, European
Commission. Research Project: Integration of Immigrants in Western European Countries: A Comparative Sociology Perspective.