About Us

The ability to recognise people is essential for intact social functioning. Faces, bodies and voices are fascinating stimuli that convey very rich perceptual and social information.

In our lab we try to understand how the perceptual, cognitive and social systems work together in order to perform the computationally challenging task of person recognition.

To that end, we perform behavioural and neuroimaging experiments as well as use computational models (deep neural networks) of face recognition – to unravel the mechanisms that enable humans to reach such high level of performance in this complex computational task.

Understanding these mechanisms goes beyond person recognition and may shed light on general processes of learning and memory and how social/conceptual and perceptual information interact to enable recognition of complex categories that convey rich information.

We also aim to study person recognition in more real life settings by applying virtual reality/go Pro cameras as well as use face recognition technology to improve face recognition.