Galit Yovel(CV)
Galit got her PhD at the University of Chicago under the supervision of Jerre Levy and Ken Paller. She then continued for a post-doc position in the laboratory of Nancy Kanwisher at MIT. In 2005 she joined Tel Aviv University where she set up her lab to study the cognitive and neural basis of person recognition.






Naphtali Abudarhamnaphtali-picture3
Naphtali was a student in the Lautman interdisciplinary program for outstanding students and got an MA degree in Psychobiology. In his dissertation he revealed a subset of facial features that are critical for face recognition. He currently studies the similarities and differences between the representation of faces in humans and deep neural networks





Ph.D. Students

Linoy Schwartz
Linoy completed her undergrad studies in the psychology & biology with emphasis on neuroscience prestigious undergraduate program at Tel Aviv University. She completed her MSc studies in the Sagol school of Neuroscience. She has been exploring the factors that make us so good in recognizing familiar faces by assessing the effect of perceptual and conceptual information on face recognition.





Libi Kliger
Libi got her BSc in Math and Physics and her MA in Cognitive Sciences at the Hebrew University. She started her PhD in the lab in 2015 and is interested in the neural representation of multiple objects and the interaction between objects and scenes.






Maayan Trzewik
Noa_Simhi4Maayan got her BA in psychology and musicology at the Hebrew University and her MA in social psychology at Tel Aviv University. Her research is focused on face generalization – the ability to recognize faces in various contexts. She is mostly interested in the influence of social motivation and construal levels on this ability.




MA Students

Tal Honig 
Tal is studying towards an Msc degree at the Sagol school of Neuroscience. She completed her BA degree in Cognition and Psychology, focusing on Neurosciences at Ben-Gurion University. Her research tries to account for the differences in performance humans show for familiar and unfamiliar faces






Adva Shoham 
Adva is studying for her MSc at the Sagol school of Neuroscience and she is also our lab manager and programmer. She completed her undergrad studies in computer science and psychology with emphasis in neuroscience, a prestigious undergraduate program at Tel-Aviv University. She is interested in the neural representation of faces that were studied conceptually versus perceptually.




Dema Kess 
Noa_Simhi4Dema is student in the direct MA track in the brain and cognition program. For her MA thesis she is using fMRI to examine whether face-selective brain areas are sensitive to the subset of features that were found to be useful for face recognition in behavioural experiments.





Research Assistant



Alumni (Post Doc)

Yaara ErezYaara_Pic
Yaara was a post-doc in the lab and worked on effects of clutter on the representation of objects in object category selective cortex. She is currently a post doctoral fellow in the laboratory of John Duncan in Cambridge, UK. We are all thankful for the well-documented gyMVPA and gyRSA.



Alumni (PhD)

Noa SimhiNoa_Simhi4
Noa completed her undergraduate studies in Biology and Philosophy as part of the program of consciousness studies. She completed her MSc in the Sagol School of Neuroscience. As part of her PhD Noa is researching the role of motion in person recognition using behavioral, EEG, fMRI and virtual reality tools.




Boaz Sadehboazsadeh3
Boaz was and will always be the first graduate student in the lab. He is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Bob Knight at UC Berkeley. He was a student in the direct PhD BCN (Behavioral Cognitive Neuroscience) program. For his PhD thesis he embarked on the challenging simultaneous ERP-fMRI and TMS-EEG recording to investigate the relationship between ERP and fMRI face-selective neural markers.




Talli Brandmantallibrandman3
Talli completed her PhD in the direct PhD Neuroscience program. She has worked in our lab as a research assistant for two?years during her undergraduate studies. For her PhD she ran a?series of elegant studies that examined the cognitive and neural basis of human body processing with behavioral, fMRI and TMS. She is currently a post-doc in Marius Peelen’s lab.




Vadim Axelrodvadim1
Vadim has completed his PhD in 2012. He has been using fMRI to study the representation of faces in the occipital-temporal cortex. He is currently studying the neural basis of consciousness as a post-doctoral fellow under the supervision of Geraint Rees at UCL and Moshe Bar at Bar Ilan University.





Sharon Gilad sharon4
Sharon got a BA degree in Computational Neuroscience at Brandeis University and an MA degree in computer sciences at the Weizmann Institute. Her PhD examined the role of various types of configural information in face perception. She is currently a Post-doc at MIT in the laboratory of Pawan Sinha




Michal Bernstein
Michal completed her BSc in Psychology and Biology with emphasis in neuroscience and an MA degree in Psychobiology in four years in the direct MA track of the neuroscience program. She is starting her PhD in the Sagol School of Neuroscience and will be working on the representation of dynamic and static images in the occipital-temporal visual cortex.




Alumni (M.A)


Mariana Gurevich 
Noa_Simhi4Mariana is a MA student in Clinical Psychology. Here research deals with the contribution of several nonverbal communication paths to the recognition of personality traits and affective status






Maya Gotlieb

Maya is student in the direct MA track in the brain and cognition program. For her MA thesis she is working on an fMRI study that examines the representation of conceptual and perceptual information in face areas for familiar and unfamiliar faces.





Michal Cohen IMG_20171021_184243
Michal is student in the direct MA track in the brain and cognition program. Michal is interested in the role of conceptual and perceptual information in recognition of faces from other races.





Shirley Broschshirley_new2
Shirley got a BA degree in Behavioral Sciences at Ben-Gurion University. For her thesis she has examined the effect of inference (e.g. trait, gender) on the representation that we generate for faces.





Adi Shlomiadicrop3
Adi Shlomi got an MA in the Psychobiology program. She is about to start her PhD studies at Bar Ilan University. Adi has been employing the eye tracking system to examine how pupil size interacts with object recognition.





Elinor Amiteleanor_picture2
Elinor completed a PhD under the supervision of Danny Algom and Yaacov Trope. During the last year of her PhD she ran a series
of fMRi studies that examined whether distance is represented in the object and scene selective areas. She then moved to a post-doc at NYU with Trope and now is a post-doc at Harvard with Josh Greene.




Sarit Szpirosarit1
Sarit got her BSc in cognitive sciences and math at the Hebrew University. In our lab she worked on her MA thesis, which attempted to extract single trial ERPs for data collected simultaneously with fMRI. Sarit is currently a graduate student?at NYU in the laboratory of Marissa Caruso.





Tamar GoldbergTamar4
Tamar got a BSc in Biology and Psychology at Tel Aviv University. She started working in our lab as an undergraduate helping Boaz collecting EEG-fMRI data simultaneously. For her MA thesis in Psychobiology she examined the correlations?between EEG and fMRI signals for faces, bodies and words.





Tatiana PelcTati_and_PC2
Tatiana worked in our lab during her MA studies in Psychobiology. In a series of behavioral studies she examined why the body inversion effect disappears for headless bodies. She is currently a PhD student under the supervision of Matti Mintz.





Eyal MehoudarEyal3
Eyal completed his MA in Cognitive Psychology in 2013. He has developed original analysis tools to examine effects of stimulus, task and individual differences on eye tracking?patterns. His findings show remarkable stability of eye tracking patterns within individuals across sessions that have?taken place 18 months apart.





Idan Blankidan3
Idan is currently a graduate student at MIT in the BCS program. Here, he was a student in the interdisciplinary program for excellent students. For his thesis he has examined a face space account for invariant representation of face identity.






Keren Halsbandkeren2
Keren was an MA student in the Cognitive area. Her thesis examined the role of passive and active experience with faces on the other race effect. For that she developed a recognition test with newborn faces. Her data showed that massive but passive exposure to newborn faces (neonatology nurses) does not improve face reconition wheres a 3 day of individuation training does improve face recognition.





Michal Pellegmichal3
Michal is Med School student and completing her M.Sc in neurobiology. For her thesis Michal is studying the effect of experience on face recognition using behavioral, eye tracking and EEG. Michal has been working in the lab also during her undergraduate studies as a research assistant.





Jonathan Oronjonathan2
Jonathan was our lab manager and programmer in 2010-2013. He completed his MSc degree in the Sagol School of Neuroscience. His work showed that face areas that are sensitive to dynamic facial information are also selective to human voices.





Alumni (Research assistants)


Itai Linzen Itai
Itai is a research assistant in the lab. He has been working with Noa on behavioral and EEG experiments that examine the role of motion in face-body and face-voice integration. He is currently conducting a study that examines the role of variability in the representation of familiar faces.





Merav Lutzkymerav
Merav has joined our lab to work on her research project during her 3rd year in the neuroscience undergraduate program. She has now completed her studies and stayed in our lab as a research assistant working on studies that examine face body and face voice interactions.





Chen AvniChen3
Chen completed a B.Sc. degree in the Psychology-Biology Neuroscience track with honors in 2010. He joined the lab in?the summer of 2009 to aid with data analysis of simultaneously collected EEG-fMRI data and is the creator of gyfMRI SPM analysis tool.




Alumni (Lab Manager)

Ron ItzikovitchRon2
Ron is our lab manager and gifted programmer, and has a BSc in computer science.