Hadas Mandel, Ph.D

I am an Associate Professor at Tel Aviv University, currently the head of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and the Principal Investigator of the ERC-funded (Horizon 2020) ‘Struct.vs.Individ’ project (see results brief here). The project addresses the analytical and methodological distinction between structural and individual aspects underpinning the development of gender inequality from 1970 onward. Its main argument is that as women become more integrated into positions of power (i.e. individual aspects of inequality decline), the more influential the role of structural aspects of inequality is likely to become. However, because these are less visible and amenable to empirical assessment, they are under-researched compared to individual aspects, and are commonly assumed to be gender-neutral. All our works in the project aim to track the relationship between structural vs. individual processes of gender in equality, mostly by quantitative research methods and within a long-term perspective (see more here).

My published work focuses on the intersection between gender, class, race, and social policies, and the complex and seemingly paradoxical implications of welfare state policies on women’s economic attainments. These works have been published in the American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Demography, Social Forces, European Sociological Review, the British Journal of Sociology and others.