Selected Publications

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Lead Article in the Forum on “How Gender and Class Challenge Varieties of Capitalism”.
See commentaries in Social Policies by Margarita Estevez-Abe, Jill Rubery, and Nancy Folbre.
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Hebrew version
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See blogs in Work in Progress and The LSE US Centre
Mandel, Hadas. 2018. “A Second Look at the Process of Occupational Feminization and Pay Reduction in Occupations”. Demography, 55(2): 669-690.
View the “Author’s accepted manuscript” version
See Work in Progress blog
Mandel, Hadas, Amit Lazarus and Maayan Shaby. 2020. “Economic Exchange or Gender Identities? Housework Division and Wives’ Economic Dependency in Different Contexts”. European Sociological Review, 36(6): 831-851.
View the “Author’s accepted manuscript” version
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