Selected Publications

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Mandel Hadas and Shalev Michael. 2009. “Gender, Class, and the Varieties of Capitalism Perspective”. Social Politics, 16(2): 161-181.
Lead Article in the Forum on “How Gender and Class Challenge Varieties of Capitalism”.
See commentaries in Social Policies by Margarita Estevez-Abe, Jill Rubery, and Nancy Folbre.
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Mandel Hadas. 2012. “Occupational Mobility of American Women: Compositional and Structural Changes”. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 30 (1): 5- 16.
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Mandel Hadas and Moshe Semyonov. 2016. “Going Back in Time? Gender Differences in Trends and Sources of the Racial Pay Gap, 1970-2010”. American Sociological Review, 81(5): 1039-1068.
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Mandel Hadas. 2018. “A Second Look at the Process of Occupational Feminization and Pay Reduction in Occupations”. Demography, 55(2): 669-690.
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