Prof. Hanna Ayalon

Hanna Ayalon

Hanna Ayalon is Professor Emerita of  Sociology of Education. She served as chair of the Department of Educational Policy (1995-1999), and of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology (2005-2007). She completed her Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University. Her areas of interest include educational inequality, educational reforms, comparative research in education, and quantitative research methods. Her recent journal publications address a variety of educational topics including social consequences of the expansion of higher education in Israel (European Sociological Review); a comparison of the diversification of higher education in Israel and the United States (Sociology of Education); Curriculum differentiation and educational inequality (Teacher College Records); the effect of educational reforms on social inequality (Sociology of Education); for-profit mid-career programs as a second chance (Higher Education Policy). She served as the chair of the University Committee for Admission Policy (2010-2012).