Current research:

Social mobility channels and choice of field in higher education: the research studies the choice of field in higher education of the children of father who used the economic channel of social mobility. These fathers achieved economic success without acquiring higher education. The research hypothesizes that the children of these fathers will study lucrative professions, thus following the economic success of their fathers combining it with higher education. The establishment of the private colleges in Israel enables this group co complete its mobility. The empirical analysis is based on a rich data set combining information on socio-demographic background, high school history and choice of institution and field in higher education.

Qualitative inequality in Israeli higher education: the research is a part of an international project, studying qualitative inequality in various educational transitions. The Israeli part focuses on higher education, analyzing inequality in institutional enrollment and in choice of field of study.

Achievements and choice of advanced school subjects: Israeli data shows that students’ achievements in advanced sciences are higher than those of their peers who study advanced humanities and social sciences. The research examines two explanations to this pattern: (1) selectivity – schools are more selective in assigning students to advanced science classes; and (2) it is easier to grade exams in the sciences due to their testability.