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I would not contest that Netanyahu is a very intelligent politician, and an excellent (even inspiring speaker). Unfortunately, his leadership of our country has triggered divisiveness rather unity, and his behavior shows that he harms the state. Its not only his corruption trial (which has not yet concluded, and one may say, that, like everyone, he should be assumed not-guilty until proven so). For me, the decisive things are: i) his terrace speech on top of the crowds with Rabin in SS-uniform, and ii) the threats he made to police and prosecutors on his case (to investigate the investigators!). Instead of expressing willingness to clean his name in court, he decided to raise doubts about the authority of the state to investigate him: If this is his strategy, why should any person who has been found to not pay taxes not follow his example?

Now he is dragging the state into a dubious legal reform, which is likely to erode our democracy (following Orban’s example in Hungary), in order to save himself. The minimal conclusion that can be safely reached about Netanyahu is that he believes himself more important than the state! Also he is in a clear conflict of interests!