The School of Psychological Sciences


Here are some courses I was teaching at Tel-Aviv University

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (Perception, selective attention, memory, language, problem-solving, creativity)

Decision-Making: Theories, Models and Cognitive Processes (This gives an Introduction to Decision Theory (both normative and descriptive), including the Prospect Theory, and various process models of risky choice and of multi-attribute decisions, the Somatic theory and two system-theory).

Advanced Decision-Making (discussions of specialized research articles)

Computational Models of Cognitive Processes (Introduction to neurocomputational modelling (Connectionism, population coding and sequential sampling) and application into the fields of decision-making, selective attention, memory and executive control; The lectures are complemented by a simulation practical).

Advanced computational Modelling (focused discussions of specialized research articles)

Topics in Philosophy of Mind (Functionalism; Consciousness;  agency and free-will)