Liad Mudrik lab


Welcome to the high-level cognition lab!

The lab investigates high-level cognition, both at the behavioral and neural level. More specifically, we are interested in the following questions:

1. What is consciousness, how does it come about, and what are its functions? The latter entails two additional questions; first, how deep does unconscious processing run and how it differs from conscious processing. Second, how is consciousness involved not only in information processing, but also in voluntary action.

2. How does cognition affect perception? We are interested in the way our expectations and semantic knowledge affect perceptual processing and our interpretation of the world.

You can find more information about these questions, and additional ones, on 'Research projects' page. You can also find all our papers on 'Publications' page. It's highly recommend that you go over them, to get a better idea of the type of questions we pursue and the way we do so. Most critical are the following: on consciousness, Mudrik, Faivre & Koch, 2014; Biderman & Mudrik, 2017; Gelbard-Sagiv et al., 2018. On contextual effects on perception: Mudrik, Lamy & Deouell, 2010

All of our lab working protocols, as well as useful "How To" guides (such as EEG section and code conventions), can be found in our Lab Handbook, which is public on the OSF platform. You are welcome to visit and use the content.