Liad Mudrik laboratory


Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows

The HIGH-LEVEL COGNITION LAB is seeking highly motivated graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to lead our research of perception and high-level cognition. We focus on three main phenomena: semantic integration, conscious awareness, and cognitive effects on perception. More specifically, we ask what enables the process of judging the relations between two objects or concepts, what are the functions of consciousness and what are its neural substrates, and what are the relations between semantic knowledge and perception. To tackle these questions, we use behavioral studies and electrophysiology (EEG and intracranial recordings). Enthusiastic candidates with excellent collaboration skills and backgrounds in Psychology, Neuroscience or Computer Sciences are welcome to contact Prof. Liad Mudrik at Please attach a CV.


The HIGH-LEVEL COGNITION LAB is seeking a highly motivated programmer for our ongoing research activity in the lab. Previous programming background is mandatory, with preference to working in experimental laboratories and with Matlab. Candidates with excellent collaboration skills are welcome to contact Prof. Liad Mudrik at Please attach a CV.