Liad Mudrik lab




The consciousness wars: can scientists ever agree on how the mind works?

January 2024

MIT Technology Review

Minds of machines: The great AI consciousness conundrum

October 2023


If AI becomes conscious, how will we know?
Scientists and philosophers are proposing a checklist based on theories of human consciousness

August 2023

Quanta Magazine

A five-year “adversarial collaboration” of consciousness theorists led to a stagy showdown in front of an audience. It crowned no winners — but it can still claim progress.

August 2023


'Adversarial' search for neural basis of consciousness yields first results

June 2023

Scientific American

New research findings, combined with philosophy, suggest free will is real but may not operate in the ways people expect

January 2023


The $30 Million Gamified Search For Consciousness

February 2022


Neuroscientists reexamine hundreds of contradictory experiments on the connection between neural activity and consciousness

March 2022

iai news

Are you responsible for your unconscious self?
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Uri Maoz and Liad Mudrik write about free will

September 2021

ConsciousnessLive! podcast

Guests Michael Pitts, Liad Mudrik, and Lucia Melloni in the ConsciousnessLive podcast

July 2019

Axel Cleeremans | Solving Consciousness

Learn how a new approach to consciousness research may help us finally solve one of science’s greatest mysteries

July 2021

IFLScience - The Big Questions

IFLScience - The Big Questions hosts Dr. Alfredo Carpineti and Prof. Liad Mudrik, trying to answer the question - what is Consciousness?

September 2021

Tech Times

Where Does Consciousness Begin In The Brain? Scientists Find A Clue 

June 2018


Philosophers and neuroscientists join forces to see whether science can solve the mystery of free will

March 2019


Rival theories face off over brain's source of consciousness

October 2019