Since 2020      Yuval Hirshorn. Tel Aviv University (Supervisor).

Since 2018      Gal Bitton. Tel Aviv University (Supervisor; Committee members: J. Lawrence Broz; Mark Copelovitch). Between currency and power: Why China is not challenging the United States.



2018 – 2022     Yoav Raskin. Tel Aviv University (Supervisor; Committee members: Christina J. Schneider; Amir Lupovici). European Integration and Democratic Legitimacy.

2014 – 2020     Orni Livny. Tel Aviv University (Member of committee; Supervisor: Alberto Spektorowski). Social Democacry and the Challenge of Immigration.

2009 – 2017     Edan Raviv. Tel Aviv University (Supervisor; Committee members: Yossi Shain; Erik Jones). The Nativist Turn in European Politics: International Integration and Political Transformation in Four Western European Citizenship Regimes.

2011 – 2016      Eyal Rubinson. Tel Aviv University (Supervisor; Committee members: Mark Blyth; Galia Press-Barnatan). National Security is what States make of it: Explaining Israel’s Multilateral Decision-making.

2008 – 2012      Feldman, Nizan. Tel Aviv University (Co-supervisor with Ahron Kleiman). Missing Link: The Impact of Trade with Third Parties on International Conflicts.

2003 – 2006     Nov, Avi. Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Member of committee; Supervisor: Moshe Hirsch). FDI Incentives and Competition between Governments: The Need for Global Governance.