The School of Political Science


Amal Jamal


Amal Jamal is interested in several research fields that include State Structure and Civil Society, Political Democratization and Civil Liberalization, Social Movements, Media Consumption, and Identity Construction, Minority Nationalism and Struggle for Civic Equality. He published several books and articles, His latest articles:

“Constructing Ethno-National Differentiation on the Set of the Television Series, Fauda” (Ethnicities, 2019), “Israel’s New Constitutional Imagination: The Nation-State Law and Beyond”, (Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies, 2019), “Real and Imagined Ramification of Israeli Recognition of the Nakba and Palestinian Acknowledgement of the Holocaust”, (Journal of Genocide Studies, 2019).


Professor of Political Science, The School of Political Science, Tel-Aviv University.

Head of International Graduate Program in Political Science and Political Communication
Tel Aviv University

Co-Editor in Chief
Public Sphere Journal