B.A. 1988

1984-1988- Hebrew University- Political Science + English Literature    

M.A 1992

1988-1991- Hebrew University- Political Science

Ph.D. 1996

1993-1996- Free University of Berlin- Political Science

Doctoral dissertation:

Mobilization Under Control: The PLO and the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Supervisors: Prof. Abraham Ashkenasi & Prof. Friedemann Buettner 



1988-1992- Hebrew University- Political Science (With Prof. Shlomo Avineri and Prof. Yaron Ezrahi)- Teaching Assistant

1996-1997- Open University- Political Science- Lecturer

1997-1998- Zfat Academic Collage- Social Sciences- Lecturer

1997-2008- Western Galilee College- Social Science- Lecturer

1998-2004- Tel Aviv University- Political Science- Lecturer

2004-2011- Tel Aviv University- Political Science- Lecturer

2012- present – Tel Aviv University- Associate Prof.



2002-2003- University of Pennsylvania- Political Science – Visiting Scholar Position

2005- Summer position- University of Pennsylvania-  Political Science- Teaching

Summer 2006- University of Pennsylvania-  Political Science- Teaching  position

Summer 2017- Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Political Science & IR-  Visiting Fellow



Noevember 1995- “Conflict Resolution in the light of theories of Democracy: A Critical Perspective”. Paper presented at an international conference on ‘Conflict Resolution and Education for Democracy: Issues in Public Policy’. Jerusalem, Israel.  

August 1997- “Civil Society as the Sphere of Stable Peace in the Middle East”. Paper presented at an German-Israeli-Palestinian Conference on “The Peace Process in the Middle East”. Munich, Germany.  

April 1998-  “When the Fida’I Meets the Samid: Insiders and Outsiders in Palestinian Political Discourse”. Paper presented at the Israeli Sociological Association, Haifa University. Haifa, Israel.

August 1998- “Palestinian State-Formation, the Media and the Prospects of Democracy in Palestine”. Paper presented at the  Conference of the International Communication Association. Jerusalem, Israel.

December 1998-  “Palestinian State-Formation and the Constitution of Critical Public Spheres”. Paper presented at the conference of the Middle East Studies Association. Chicago, USA.

May 2000- “Civil Challenges to Ethnic Democracy: Differentiated Citizenship and Group Rights.” Paper presented at a conference on: “Challenges to Democracy: The Periphery as a Vantage Point,”  Ben-Gurion University. Beer Sheva, Israel.  

July 2000- ”National Identities in Conflict: The Psychopolitical   Dynamics of the Israeli Palestinian Reconciliation.” Paper presented at the conference of International Society of   Political Psychology, 23ed Annual Meeting, , Seattle, USA.

September 2000- “State Structure and Conflict in Multiethnic States.” Paper  presented at conference on: Critical Issues in Conflict Resolution: Old Challenges and New Directions.” Harvard University. Cambridge, USA.

November 2000- “Leadership in Crisis: The Impact of Structural and Motivational Factors on the Arab Leadership in Israel.” Paper presented at a conference on: “The Arab Minority: Between Israel and Palestine.” Tel-Aviv University. Tel Aviv, Israel.

December 2002- “Redefining Majority Rule in the Jewish State: Law Making and the Predicament of Equal Citizenship”. Paper presented at conference organized by MADA: Arab Center for Applied Social Research. Nazareth, Israel.

April  2003- “Native Peoples, Ethnic Nationalism and the Predicament of Civic Equality: Justifying Arab Collective Rights in Israel”. Paper presented at conference at NYU Law School on: The Legal and Socio-Economic Status of Arab Citizens in Israel. New York, USA.

June 2003- “The Palestinian IDPs in Israel and the Predicament of Return: Between Imagining the “Impossible” and Enabling the “Imaginative”. Paper presented at a second seminar on  The Predicaments of Palestinians and Jews: The Meanings of Catastrophe, Historical Knowledge, and the Return of Exiles. University of  Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, USA.

February 2004- “The Politics of Arab Minority in Israel”, in a conference on: Equality in Rifted Society. Center for Human Values at Princeton University, USA. 

February 2004- “The Structure and Policies of the Palestinian Media after Oslo” Bet Berl College, Nazareth.

March 9, 2004- “Collective Rights for Indigenous Minorities: Theoretical Aspects” in a conference on The Arabs in Israel 2004: The Status of the Arab Minority in the Jewish Nation-State at Tel Aviv University.

June 25-26, 2004- “Constitutional Patriotism and Minority Rights: A Critical Appraisal” in a conference on Constitutionalism as a Mechanism of Social and Political Change: Israel in a Comparative Perspective at Mada –Arab Center for Applied Social Research.

May 22-25, 2005- “When Liberal Zionism and Ethnic Majoritarianism Meet: On the Politics of Exclusion in Israel” in a conference on How and Why do Democracies Breakdown? at Hebrew University.

May 29-31, 2005- Institutionalizing Inclusion: Differentiated Citizenship Rights, Effective Participation and Deliberative Equality” in a  conference on Civic Education in Conflicted Societies at the Van Leer Institute and Haifa University.

December 15, 2005- “Civic Education and the Challenge of Shared Civility in Israel”, in a conference on “Is Shared Civility Possible in Israel?” at Tel Aviv University.

June 4-6, 2006- “The Text and Sub-Text of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” in a conference on: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Divided Societies: Conflict or Accommodation” at Tel Aviv.

February 5-6, 2007- “Elite Without Shadows: On the Sociology of Arab Leadership in Israel” in a conference on: Elites in Israel: Continuity and Change at Tel Aviv University.

November 30-December 1, 2007-  “Conditional Democratization: The Palestinian Experience in                       Comparative Perspective” in a conference on: External               Democracy Promotion in the Middle East at the Freie               Universitaet Germany.

December 6, 2007- “The Future Vision Documents and the Constitution of the Palestinian-Israeli Political Subject” in a conference on: Continuation and Interruption in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel: The Future Vision Document in a  Perspective at Tel Aviv University.

May 19-21, 2008- Time and Temporality in Zionist Thought and Practice, in Conference of Association of Israel Studies, NYU.

June 2008- “The Desire for Normalcy as Temporariness in Palestinian Imagination and Practice”, in: The Dialectics of Memory and Forgetfulness in the Israeli Independence and Palestinian Nakba, Tel Aviv University.

March 25, 2009- The Phenomenology of Arab Communist Leadership in Israel, TAU.

April 2-4, 2009- Ethno-Republicanism, Imperial Expansionism and the Indispensability of Federalism for Israeli-Palestinian Relations, Republic and Empire, Columbia University.

April 17-18, 2009- Popular vs. Institutionalized Religion and Democratic Power Structures: Theoretical Conclusions from Three Middle Eastern Countries, Religion and Democratization: Friend or Enemy?,                                   London Metropolitan University.

October 25-27, 2011- Democratization in Monarchal vs. Republican Regimes: A Comparative Analysis in Challenges to Democracy: Eruptions and Erosions at Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

April 16, 2012- Redefining the Jewish State and the Hollowing Out of Arab Citizenship, SOAS, London.

June 4-6, 2012- Redefining the Jewish State and the Hollowing Out of Arab Citizenship in Israel in Domestic and International Perspective, Hebrew University, 4-6 June 2012.

April 2013- “The Roots of the Israeli Denial of the Nakba”, in: The Nakba in the Israeli National Memory, Tel Aviv University.

December 13, 2013- The Challenges of Differential Citizenship and Transitional Recognition in Palestine/Israel. In Historical Reconciliation and Transitional Justice in Israel/Palestine, European University Institute, Florence.

January 8, 2014- Divergent Trust in Conflict Situations: The Case of Palestinian Citizens of Israel. International Conference: The Role of Trust in Conflict Resolution. Tel Aviv University.

May 2014- “Beyond Traditional Sovereignty Theory in Conflict Resolution: Lessons from Israel/Palestine” in: Global Conflict and Conflict Management: Israel/Palestine and Beyond”, Oxford University.

June 2014- “Legitimacy Crisis in Constitution Making: Egypt and Tunisia in Comparative Perspective”, in: Revolutions and Constitutions: Theoretical and Comparative Perspective. Tel Aviv University.

December 2014-January 2015- Religion State and Constitution Making in Egypt and Tunisia: A Comparative Perspective. In: Public Religions, Private Communities and Human Rights, Ramat Gan –College of Law and Business.

May 2015- “Misrecognition and the Politics of Hollow Citizenship”, in: Dilemmas of Recognition in Asymmetric Conflicts: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in a Comparative Perspective”, Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University.

April 2016- “Can The Palestinians Recognize Israel as Jewish State?”, in: Israel and Palestine: Lands and Peoples, Brown University.’

June 2016- “A Response to Seyla Benhabib”, in: Political Philosophy  Today?, Tel Aviv University.

May 2017- “The Rights of Indigenous Peoples in National States”, in Annual Conference of Israeli Political Science Association.

June 2017- “Decolonizing Knowledge in the Neoliberal Age”, in: Critical Theory in the Neoliberal Era – Current Views, Tel Aviv University.