B.A. 1988

1984-1988- Hebrew University- Political Science + English Literature    

M.A 1992

1988-1991- Hebrew University- Political Science

Ph.D. 1996

1993-1996- Free University of Berlin- Political Science

Doctoral dissertation:

Mobilization Under Control: The PLO and the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Supervisors: Prof. Abraham Ashkenasi & Prof. Friedemann Buettner 



1988-1992- Hebrew University- Political Science (With Prof. Shlomo Avineri and Prof. Yaron Ezrahi)- Teaching Assistant

1996-1997- Open University- Political Science- Lecturer

1997-1998- Zfat Academic Collage- Social Sciences- Lecturer

1997-2008- Western Galilee College- Social Science- Lecturer

1998-2004- Tel Aviv University- Political Science- Lecturer

2004-2011- Tel Aviv University- Political Science- Lecturer

2012- present – Tel Aviv University- Associate Prof.



2002-2003- University of Pennsylvania- Political Science – Visiting Scholar Position

2005- Summer position- University of Pennsylvania –  Political Science – Teaching Position

Summer 2006- University of Pennsylvania –  Political Science –  Teaching  Position

Summer 2017- Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik – Berlin – Visiting Research Fellow

Summer 2019   Otto-Suhr Institut – Freie Universität Berlin  – Visiting Research Fellow




Noevember 1995- “Conflict Resolution in the light of theories of Democracy: A Critical Perspective”. Paper presented at an international conference on ‘Conflict Resolution and Education for Democracy: Issues in Public Policy’. Jerusalem, Israel.  

August 1997- “Civil Society as the Sphere of Stable Peace in the Middle East”. Paper presented at an German-Israeli-Palestinian Conference on “The Peace Process in the Middle East”. Munich, Germany.  

April 1998-  “When the Fida’I Meets the Samid: Insiders and Outsiders in Palestinian Political Discourse”. Paper presented at the Israeli Sociological Association, Haifa University. Haifa, Israel.

August 1998- “Palestinian State-Formation, the Media and the Prospects of Democracy in Palestine”. Paper presented at the  Conference of the International Communication Association. Jerusalem, Israel.

December 1998-  “Palestinian State-Formation and the Constitution of Critical Public Spheres”. Paper presented at the conference of the Middle East Studies Association. Chicago, USA.

May 2000- “Civil Challenges to Ethnic Democracy: Differentiated Citizenship and Group Rights.” Paper presented at a conference on: “Challenges to Democracy: The Periphery as a Vantage Point,”  Ben-Gurion University. Beer Sheva, Israel.  

July 2000- ”National Identities in Conflict: The Psychopolitical   Dynamics of the Israeli Palestinian Reconciliation.” Paper presented at the conference of International Society of   Political Psychology, 23ed Annual Meeting, , Seattle, USA.

September 2000- “State Structure and Conflict in Multiethnic States.” Paper  presented at conference on: Critical Issues in Conflict Resolution: Old Challenges and New Directions.” Harvard University. Cambridge, USA.

November 2000- “Leadership in Crisis: The Impact of Structural and Motivational Factors on the Arab Leadership in Israel.” Paper presented at a conference on: “The Arab Minority: Between Israel and Palestine.” Tel-Aviv University. Tel Aviv, Israel.

December 2002- “Redefining Majority Rule in the Jewish State: Law Making and the Predicament of Equal Citizenship”. Paper presented at conference organized by MADA: Arab Center for Applied Social Research. Nazareth, Israel.

April  2003- “Native Peoples, Ethnic Nationalism and the Predicament of Civic Equality: Justifying Arab Collective Rights in Israel”. Paper presented at conference at NYU Law School on: The Legal and Socio-Economic Status of Arab Citizens in Israel. New York, USA.

June 2003- “The Palestinian IDPs in Israel and the Predicament of Return: Between Imagining the “Impossible” and Enabling the “Imaginative”. Paper presented at a second seminar on  The Predicaments of Palestinians and Jews: The Meanings of Catastrophe, Historical Knowledge, and the Return of Exiles. University of  Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, USA.

February 2004- “The Politics of Arab Minority in Israel”, in a conference on: Equality in Rifted Society. Center for Human Values at Princeton University, USA. 

February 2004- “The Structure and Policies of the Palestinian Media after Oslo” Bet Berl College, Nazareth.

March 9, 2004- “Collective Rights for Indigenous Minorities: Theoretical Aspects” in a conference on The Arabs in Israel 2004: The Status of the Arab Minority in the Jewish Nation-State at Tel Aviv University.

June 25-26, 2004- “Constitutional Patriotism and Minority Rights: A Critical Appraisal” in a conference on Constitutionalism as a Mechanism of Social and Political Change: Israel in a Comparative Perspective at Mada –Arab Center for Applied Social Research.

May 22-25, 2005- “When Liberal Zionism and Ethnic Majoritarianism Meet: On the Politics of Exclusion in Israel” in a conference on How and Why do Democracies Breakdown? at Hebrew University.

May 29-31, 2005- Institutionalizing Inclusion: Differentiated Citizenship Rights, Effective Participation and Deliberative Equality” in a  conference on Civic Education in Conflicted Societies at the Van Leer Institute and Haifa University.

December 15, 2005- “Civic Education and the Challenge of Shared Civility in Israel”, in a conference on “Is Shared Civility Possible in Israel?” at Tel Aviv University.

June 4-6, 2006- “The Text and Sub-Text of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” in a conference on: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Divided Societies: Conflict or Accommodation” at Tel Aviv.

February 5-6, 2007- “Elite Without Shadows: On the Sociology of Arab Leadership in Israel” in a conference on: Elites in Israel: Continuity and Change at Tel Aviv University.

November 30-December 1, 2007-  “Conditional Democratization: The Palestinian Experience in Comparative Perspective” in a conference on: External  Democracy Promotion in the Middle East at the Freie  Universitaet Germany.

December 6, 2007- “The Future Vision Documents and the Constitution of the Palestinian-Israeli Political Subject” in a conference on: Continuation and Interruption in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel: The Future Vision Document in a  Perspective at Tel Aviv University.

May 19-21, 2008- Time and Temporality in Zionist Thought and Practice, in Conference of Association of Israel Studies, NYU.

June 2008- “The Desire for Normalcy as Temporariness in Palestinian Imagination and Practice”, in: The Dialectics of Memory and Forgetfulness in the Israeli Independence and Palestinian Nakba, Tel Aviv University.

March 25, 2009- The Phenomenology of Arab Communist Leadership in Israel, TAU.

April 2-4, 2009- Ethno-Republicanism, Imperial Expansionism and the Indispensability of Federalism for Israeli-Palestinian Relations, Republic and Empire, Columbia University.

April 17-18, 2009- Popular vs. Institutionalized Religion and Democratic Power Structures: Theoretical Conclusions from Three Middle Eastern Countries, Religion and Democratization: Friend or Enemy?,                                   London Metropolitan University.

October 25-27, 2011- Democratization in Monarchal vs. Republican Regimes: A Comparative Analysis in Challenges to Democracy: Eruptions and Erosions at Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

April 16, 2012- Redefining the Jewish State and the Hollowing Out of Arab Citizenship, SOAS, London.

June 4-6, 2012- Redefining the Jewish State and the Hollowing Out of Arab Citizenship in Israel in Domestic and International Perspective, Hebrew University, 4-6 June 2012.

April 2013- “The Roots of the Israeli Denial of the Nakba”, in: The Nakba in the Israeli National Memory, Tel Aviv University.

December 13, 2013- The Challenges of Differential Citizenship and Transitional Recognition in Palestine/Israel. In Historical Reconciliation and Transitional Justice in Israel/Palestine, European University Institute, Florence.

January 8, 2014- Divergent Trust in Conflict Situations: The Case of Palestinian Citizens of Israel. International Conference: The Role of Trust in Conflict Resolution. Tel Aviv University.

May 2014- “Beyond Traditional Sovereignty Theory in Conflict Resolution: Lessons from Israel/Palestine” in: Global Conflict and Conflict Management: Israel/Palestine and Beyond”, Oxford University.

June 2014- “Legitimacy Crisis in Constitution Making: Egypt and Tunisia in Comparative Perspective”, in: Revolutions and Constitutions: Theoretical and Comparative Perspective. Tel Aviv University.

December 2014-January 2015- Religion State and Constitution Making in Egypt and Tunisia: A Comparative Perspective. In: Public Religions, Private Communities and Human Rights, Ramat Gan –College of Law and Business.

May 2015- “Misrecognition and the Politics of Hollow Citizenship”, in: Dilemmas of Recognition in Asymmetric Conflicts: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in a Comparative Perspective”, Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University.

April 2016- “Can The Palestinians Recognize Israel as Jewish State?”, in: Israel and Palestine: Lands and Peoples, Brown University.’

June 2016- “A Response to Seyla Benhabib”, in: Political Philosophy  Today?, Tel Aviv University.

May 2017- “The Rights of Indigenous Peoples in National States”, in Annual Conference of Israeli Political Science Association.

June 2017- “Decolonizing Knowledge in the Neoliberal Age”, in: Critical Theory in the Neoliberal Era – Current Views, Tel Aviv University.

April 2018- “Creating Fauda: Subaltern Agency-Claimg versus Othering in the Israeli Cultural Industries”, Creative Industries Conference, Kings College, London, 18-20 April, 2018.

May 2018 – “Humanist Lessons from the Holocaust Memory for Political Education”, Tomorrow’s Holocaust Memory, The Eva and Marc Besen Institute for the Study of Historical Consciousness at Tel  Aviv University, 29 April, 2018.

October 2018  -“Decolonizing Knowledge”, Israel Studies: Theory and Practice,  Bir Zeit University, 27 October, 2018.

December 2018  – “The Temporal Turn in Palestinian Exile”, Israeli, Palestinian and Other Diasporas in Comparative Perspective, Elie Wiesel Center  For Jewish Studies, Boston University, 13-14, December, 2018.

March 2019 – “Constitutionalizing the Unconstitutional Nation-State Law in Israel: Motivations and Ramifications”, Conference: Constitutionalism Constitution-Making and Sovereignty – A Theoretical and Comparative Perspective, Center for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University – Jerusalem, 25-26 March, 2019. 

February 2020 –  “Palestinian Cultural Activism and Cultural Control Policy in Israel”, Conference: Culture, Power and the Power of Culture, The Israeli Sociological Association, Bar Ilan University, 25-26 February, 2020. 




1988-1989: Raul Wallenberg Foundation –  Award for Human Rights.

1992-1996: German Academic Exchange Service  – Doctoral Fulbright.                                                                                

1996-1997: Van-Leer Institute – Research Fellowship.         

1996-1997: University of Haifa – Research Fellowship.

1997-1998: Kreitman Foundation – Post-Doctoral Fellowship. 

1998- 2001: Tel Aviv University – Maof Fellowship.           

1999- 2001:  Tami Steimetz Center – Research Fellowship.

2000-2001: Tel Aviv University – Research Fellowship.       

2002-2003: American-Palestinian Research Council – Research Fellowship ($6000).

2002-2003: University of Pennsylvania – Visiting scholar position. 

2003-2004: Burda Center for Innovative Communications at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – Research Fellowship ($4000).           

2004-2006: United States Institute of Peace –  Research Fellowship ($40,000).

2004-2005: The Konrad Adenauer Program – Research Grant for Jewish-Arab Cooperation($3500).

2006- The Minerva Center for Human Rights Research Award ($1500).                                                                                              

2007 -2009: Ford Foundation – Research Grant  ($135,000).      

2007-2008: Vice President for Research – Research Grant (20,000 NIS).

2011: Deutsch Israeli Zukunft Forum -(50,000 Euro).

2014: Tami Steinmetz Center – TAU – Research Grant ($ 7,200).

2017: Vice President for Research – Research Grant (20,000 NIS).

2017-2020: ISF Research Grant – Research Grant (620,000 ILS).

2019: DAAD research grant, (6600 Euros).



1998-1999     Middle East Studies Association. USA   
1999               American Political Science Association. USA  
2008               Middle East Studies Association. USA
2008               Association for Israel Studies. USA
2014               International Studies Association. USA
2019               International Communication Association. 


Administrative Positions and Task:

  1. Chair of Political Science Department at Tel Aviv University. July 2006-July 2009.
  2. Coordinator of Political Communication Program, 2000-Present
  3. Consultant of MA students 2001-2002; 2003-2004 2010-2015.
  4. Head of Walter Lebach Institute for Jewish-Arab Relations at Tel Aviv University. September 2005- 2011
  5. Head of Master’s Executive Program of Political Communication, 2006-Present.
  6. Member of the Doctoral Committee at the Political Science Department, TAU.
  7. Head of the International MA Program in Political Science and Political Communication, 2011-Present
  8. Head of the Walter Lebach Institute for Jewish Arab Relations – TAU October 2014
  9. Co-Editor in Chief of the Public Sphere Journal – Political Science Department TAU