The School of Political Science




“אמל ג’מאל על ספרה של עדית זרטל:  “סירוב: חובת הציות וזכות המצפון


Divergent trust in conflict situations: The Case of Palestinian citizens of Israel

Lecture at the conference: The Role of Trust in Conflict Resolution


Response to Prof. Seyla Benhabib (Yale) lecture: Clashing Paradigms? Hannah Arendt and Judith Shklar on Law and Politics
The conference: Political Theory Today?


The Peace Movements in Israel – A Critical Examination (In Hebrew)

Lecture at the conference: Peace movements in Israel – from where and to where?


The Israeli status quo as a threat (In Hebrew) 

Lecture at the conference: National security and peace after 50 years of occupation – contradictory or complementary?


The Joint List – The background to its establishment and an interim balance sheet (In Hebrew)

Lecture at the conference: The Join List- First year of its establishment


Criticism of the hegemonic media (In Hebrew)

Lecture at the conference: Does the Israeli media shape a culture of conflict?