Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Chapters in Books

1. A. Gorodzeisky, S. E. Spiro. 2005. The University in the Community: The Price-Brodie Initiative in Jaffa in D. Nahmias and G. Menahem (eds.) Tel-Aviv –Jaffa Studies: Social Processes and Public Policy, volume 3, pp. 225-248. Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University Press(in Hebrew).

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5. M. Semyonov, A. Gorodzeisky. 2012. Personal Threat, Collective Threat, and Discriminatory Attitudes in S., Salzborn, E. Davidov, J. Reinecke (eds.) Methods, theories, and empirical applications in the social sciences: A festschrift for Peter Schmidt (pp. 127-137) Wiesbaden: Springer VS.
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6. R. Raijman, A. Gorodzeisky. 2016. We and the Others: Majority Attitudes toward Non-Jews in Israel, in E. Ben-Rafael, J. H. Schoeps, Y.Sternberg and O.Glöckner (eds.) Handbook of Israel: The Major Debates (pp. 324-346). Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.
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9. Blasco, D., Link, B.G, Bohman, A., Forman, T.A., Gorodzeisky, A, Pachankis, J.E., Schomerus, G., Yang L.H. 2024. How Are Stigma Processes Related to Different Aspects of Migration-Generated Diversity? in L.H., Yang, Eger, M. A., Link. B.G. (eds) Migration Stigma Understanding Prejudice, Discrimination, and Exclusion. Ernst Srungman Forum. The MIT Press. In press.
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