Isaac Sasson

In the Media

The Times of Israel (25 August 2022). למה המחירים בישראל גבוהים כל כך? [Hebrew]

Haaretz (25 August 2022). Who Is a Jew? Israel Provides Two Clashing Answers.

Haaretz (17 August 2022). מיהו יהודי? המדינה מנסה להשיב שתי תשובות שונות לשאלה דרמטית אחת [Hebrew]

Firefly Magazine, Davidson Institute (4 June 2022). בריאות לא לכולם. [Hebrew]

Haaretz (1 March 2022). פודקאסט השבוע עם ליאור קודנר [Hebrew]

Gam Ken Tarbut (30 January 2022). מיהו יהודי? [Hebrew]

Maariv (29 October 2019). עוני בילדות משפיע על הישגי הלימודים בבגרות. [Hebrew]

Davar (29 October 2019). אלף הימים הקריטיים. [Hebrew]

Futurism (30 August 2019). Lifespans Increasing for Educated Americans, Falling for Others.

Newsweek (18 April 2018). College-educated people develop dementia later in life, new study suggests.

Inside Higher Ed (17 April 2018). Study: College Education Can Delay Dementia.

N-IUSSP (5 June 2017). ISIS genocide of the Yazidi religious minority of Sinjar, Iraq.

The Independent (9 May 2017). Almost 10,000 Yazidis ‘killed or kidnapped in Isis genocide but true scale of horror may never be known’.

TheMarker (9 October 2016). תאונה דמוגרפית – הולכים אל הלא נודע. [Hebrew]

Israel Channel 10 (23 July 2016). סודות הנדל”ן. [Hebrew with Arabic subtitles]

N-IUSSP (6 June 2016). Growing education-related disparities in length of life in the US.

Newsweek (22 March 2016). How having a college education can add a decade or more to your life expectancy. [Originally published in the LSE USAPP blog]

The Sunday Times (21 February 2016). Rich buy time as lifespan divide widens.