Isaac Sasson


Current members of the Demography Research Lab

Yan Zheng, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Luda Garmash, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Tom Baz
MA Student

Current students

Dana Shay (doctoral)

Helena Movchan (doctoral)

Dana Yofe (MA)

Tom Baz (MA)

Joy Silberschmidt (research intern)

Former lab members

Shayna Bernstein, PhD

Erez Shomron


Atalia Regev (MA, 2023)
Does socioeconomic status in childhood shape subjective survival expectations in midlife?

Brian Moussalli (MA, 2021)
The New Town Square: How Incitement Offenses are Understood by Law Enforcement in the Age of Social Media

Liana Issaq (MA, 2020)
The Association between Educational Attainment and Health Behaviors among Jews and Arabs in Israel

Josef Laor (MA, 2020)
Implementation of UN Guidelines for Censuses, Policy Translation and Legitimacy in World Society: A Comparison between Denmark, Finland and Israel

Dana Vaknin (MA, 2019)
Emergence of Inequality in Early Childhood: The Effect of Family Income in Early Childhood on Scholastic Achievements in Later Ages

Leeor Shachar (MA, 2017)
Doctors Without Borders: The Construction of Professional Identity by Family Physicians in the Digital Age