Isaac Sasson


Articles in peer-reviewed journals

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Commentaries and other publications

Sasson, Isaac. (2023). Lessons for Measuring Jewish Identity from Racial Categorization in Population Censuses: Commentary on According to Their Numbers. Contemporary Jewry, 43: 225–228.

Sasson, Isaac. (2017). Reply to Trends in Education-Specific Life Expectancy, Data Quality, and Shifting Education Distributions: A Note on Recent Research. Demography 54(3): 1215–19.

Cetorelli, Valeria, Isaac Sasson, Nazar Shabila, and Gilbert Burnham. (2017). ISIS’ Yazidi Genocide. Foreign Affairs (June 8).

Montez , Jennifer Karas, Isaac Sasson, and Mark D. Hayward. (2016). Declining U.S. Life Expectancy, 1990-2010. Health Affairs 35(3): 550.

Working papers and research reports

Vaknin, Dana, Yossi Shavit, and Isaac Sasson. (2019). Emerging Early Childhood Inequality: Poverty and Future Academic Achievement. State of the nation report: Society, economy and policy in Israel, 313-359. Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel.

Sasson, Isaac. (2019). Long-Term Mortality Forecast for Israel: Evaluating Current Methods and Alternatives. Research report for the National Insurance Institute of Israel. [Hebrew]